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posted 4/9/2004 by The GN Staff
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GamingNexus: Will we be any crossovers between TechTV and G4 personalities or will the shows be siloed?
David Shane: I think you will see a crossover in terms of that when the network is integrated it will feel like one network. It won’t feel like chunks of TechTV and chunks of G4 with two separate identities and hosts that don’t interact with each other. You’ll feel that you’re watching one seamless network.

GamingNexus: What are the next steps in the merger, are there any dates setup in terms of when one channel will be sunsetted or has that decision been made yet?
David Shane: Well we’re excited about the next step. The next step is that in 30 to 45 days we should have regulatory approval and then we will begin the process of combining the two channels and we will ultimately have one channel based in Los Angeles. So that process, that planning process is right now what we are doing and the next step is to get regulatory review and to get one signal.

GamingNexus: In your mind what are the positives for the gamer out there. How are they going to benefit from the merger?
David Shane: The positives are tremendous, the gamers are going to get more programming that is focused on video games and the video game lifestyle. Just by the fact that the network is going to be in more homes it will have more recognition and people will have access to the channel and we will be able to create bigger and better shows. So for gamers it’s extremely positive, they get the best all across the board. I think what you’ll find on our channel is more tech elements weaved into the G4 programming and we think that’s going to be of great interest to gamers because those are the people who are interested in cutting edge technology and that’s the generation that who knows immediately who to adapt and use new technologies. So we’re going to do our best to create an exciting, engaging network for video gamers around the country.

GamingNexus: What about negatives, are there possible things that people may not be happy with?
David Shane: I don’t think so, TechTV has been for sale a while so we think that it’s extremely positive for everyone. It’s a positive for gamers, it’s positive for cable operators, advertisers, and it’s positive for our viewers. It’s just going to be a bigger and bolder channel in 44 million homes with more robust programming really targeted to our core mission. Everyone we’ve talked to-date, whether it’s the gaming community, whether it’s advertisers, whether it’s affiliate’s whether it’s viewers have been very excited and very positive about the merger. There have been rumors of this for a while so people have thought it might happen for some time.We were very positive so it wasn’t very surprising, when the merger actually happened that we got the positive reaction from our constituents.
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