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posted 4/9/2004 by The GN Staff
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GamingNexus: Does this mean that G4 will now replace TechTV on cable systems and Sattelite systems that do not currently carry G4?
David Shane : Yes, there will be one channel. So Instead of having a G4 channel or a TechTV channel it will be one Channel and it will be in 44 Million homes.
GamingNexus: That’s pretty impressive,
David Shane : Yes, it’s good and it really jump starts our distribution in a huge way and triples our distribution. We were in 15 million homes and now we are in 44 million homes. We were in 15 million CABLE homes only and now we are on satellite as well so we are available through DirectTV and Dish Network and for us it’s a huge, huge jump forward. This puts us on par with a network like Style and the increased exposure is fantastic.

GamingNexus: Both networks have strong online communities behind them, will the various message boards and websites be merged or will they remain separate?
David Shane: That is something we are taking a look at right now. The TechTV website gets a lot of visitors, as does G4 so we are looking at how to take advantage of those online communities. We are still taking a look at both.

GamingNexus: Are there any new shows in the works or is it something that’s in the pipe and released once the networks are merged?
David Shane: Exactly, it will be down the pipe once the networks merge but we are actively working on new shows in development. Several brand new exciting concepts are on the table and after the merger is complete and the regulatory review period is over we’ll be in a place sometime this summer to make announcements about new shows.

GamingNexus: Will that be around E3 time or later?
David Shane: E3 is right around the corner for us and that will be just when the regulatory period is over so we’re looking at some time after E3.

GamingNexus: Leo and Patrick are pretty big personalities on TechTV are they going to be staying with the show or is that yet to be determined?
David Shane: Everything in terms of specific talent decisions or specific show decisions we are working with TechTV on to look and discuss. But at this time, again during the regulatory time period no decisions are being made in this 30 day window about shows, talent, etc.

GamingNexus: Do you see changes in format of the shows on TechTV or will the retain their same focus?
David Shane: You know I think that begs the bigger question of what is the network going to look like at the end of the day. And I would say that it is again going to be a video game/video game lifestyle focused network. And some of the shows that are on TechTV maybe you’ll see some of those concepts executed in a different way. Maybe you’ll see those shows just on the network. Those are types of things that we are trying to figure out right now under that broad umbrella of video game and video game lifestyle so it’s hard to really comment on the individual shows at TechTV until we figure out the will fit into the overall channel.
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