Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich


posted 5/3/2005 by Tyler Sager
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One Page Platforms: PC
After completing the campaign, players can skirmish against the AI or other players, using either leveled-up characters or their own creations. A fairly robust character generator is included to make that perfect superhero. While I toyed with the generator for a little while, the huge selection of pre-generated characters was more than enough for me.

The game looks incredible. The graphics have had a huge overhaul since the original, and although they managed to keep the style spot-on, the improvement is obvious. The physics engine also got a whole lot cleaner, which is quite an accomplishment, given that there are flying characters, thrown cars, bolts of energy zipping about, and explosions galore to keep track of. Even with all the chaos, everything moved smoothly in its 4-color glory. Each of the heroes and villains also look great, chock-full of personality.

As good as the visuals are, the sound is even better. This is some of the best voice work I’ve heard. Each of the actors is spot-on in their over-the-top deliveries. The dialogue is first-rate, full of all the glorious cheese I’ve come to expect. The music is also perfect. Nuclear Winter’s anthem once again set me to laughing hard enough to lose a mission. And the sound effects, from the “Zap!” to the “Boom!” and everything in between just captured the 4-color world perfectly.

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich felt a bit shorter than the original. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as there is quite a high replay value using different teams through the campaign. Regardless, this game is a complete blast. I highly recommend this to fans of the original, and to anyone with even a mild interest in superhero games. Heck, it’s also quite a solid squad-based strategy game, so those leery of the superhero genre could be brought into the fold. In short, give this game a try.

All the 4-color goodness of the original. One of the best superhero games out there, and a very good squad-based strategy game as well.

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