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posted 8/5/2008 by The GN Staff
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One Page Platforms: PS3 360
Do you have a final level count for the game? How long do you think it will take the average person to get through the game?
Right now we’re not giving out any details about the specific number of levels in the game, but rest assured that we’re going to make sure that players of all skill levels and backgrounds have plenty of fun not only fighting off the Pacificans, but also exploring the world around them. There will be three Acts to play through and as far how long it will take the average player to finish the game, that’s really going to depend on the player’s skill and how much exploration they do. While a dedicated player could probably run and gun through way through the game in 10 hours, there’s a ton of cool things to discover by experimenting with TD and combat that really pushes the overall length much higher.

The deformable terrain sounds like it could make for a fun multiplayer experience, will the game feature any multiplayer modes or will it be single player only? If you are going with multiplayer action, what kind of multiplayer modes can we expect? Any chance for co-op gameplay?
Fracture will definitely have an exciting online multiplayer experience. It will be up to 12 players with a variety of game modes planned. Players will be able to choose from their old favorites that have been given a terrain deformation twist, to new modes uniquely designed around TD.

What type of soundtrack will grace Fracture's split coastlines? An East Coast vs. West Coast beef naturally evokes a rap war, but I doubt we'll hear Biggie and Tupac trade posthumous verses. Are you keeping it minimalist and paring it down to ambiance and the sounds of war? Or are you going epic with and orchestral layout? Industrial? Metal? Electronic?
Our soundtrack was written by the Academy Award nominated Michael Giacchino. You’ve probably heard his work before in titles such as Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and “Lost”. We’ve really tried to craft a soundtrack that plays heavily into what you’re doing in-game, so expect a wide range of musical elements, including sweeping orchestral pieces and even distinct themes for the Atlantic Alliance and the Pacificans.

Since the camera is fixed in a 3rd-person perspective, will we be able to customize our character's appearance or is it fixed? Is the game strictly an on foot affair or will gamers be piloting vehicles during the game?
Players will not be able to customize Jet Brody’s appearance in the single player campaign, however in multiplayer users will be able to play as both the Atlantic Alliance and as the Pacificans.

A large portion of the game will be spent fighting on foot, but there will be other forms of transportation that make an appearance in the game as well. As you can imagine, vehicles plus terrain deformation definitely has the potential to be a lot of fun.

Can you talk about the weapons in the game? Will they all be terrain related weapons or will there be a few standard weapons (shotguns, machine guns, etc) Do we get a large inventory to nitpick through, or will there be a limit on the weapons you can carry at one time?
Fracture definitely has all the standard weapons that people expect in a shooter: machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher etc. We’ve also mixed it up adding unique Terrain deforming weaponry such as the subterranean Torpedo weapon.

The name "Fracture" not only describes the terrain deformation capabilities at your disposal, but also the storyline's "fracture" of the East vs. West civil war; the "fracture" in philosophy between cybernetics and eugenics. Is Fracture a morality tale, a cautionary tale, or both?
There are definitely morality questions that get asked over the course of Fracture, with some cautionary tale peppered in. You’ll have to play the game when it’s released to see where the story leads.
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