Five Games For Life


posted 7/15/2004 by The GN Staff
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Charlie Sinhaseni
Senior Editor

Unreal Tournament 2004.
I’m a big fan of killing people and I don’t think that it gets any better than Unreal Tournament 2004. It definitely gives new meaning to the phrase “go play with yourself.” If none of your friends are around, or if you’re like Bart and you don’t actually have any friends, you can always engage in some intense action thanks to the game’s insanely brilliant AI.

Custer’s Revenge.
I think that I’d have to have a copy of Custer’s Revenge. Not for myself of course, but just in case John gets lonely and decides that he needs some entertainment. Hardware geeks are just perverted like that.

NFL GameDay 2002.
Sometimes it’s good to step back and realize just how good you have it. For that reason I decided to throw a little kink into the cog and bring out the little gem known as NFL GameDay 2002. For you see, there are bad games, there are worse games and then there’s NFL GameDay 2002. Shoddy graphics, stupid AI, muddy controls and graphics that looked like they were puked out of a trash compactor. Besides, the disc comes in handy when I need a Frisbee. And what about coasters? I need something to put my beers on. My girlfriend would kill me if I left rings on the coffee table.

Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail
When I want to relive the classic days of adventure gaming I usually stop by my shelf and pick up my old copy of Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sale and slip it into the disc drive. Sure, I lost the scratch and sniff card that came with it but I’m more than capable of reproducing the smells of flatulence. (umm.. via my dog that is…) Besides, the game featured an engaging storyline that was intriguing for two reasons; 1) gamers were able to empathize with a loser whose attemps to get laid ended in failure and 2) the game was damn funny. Hell, to be honest I would probably be happy playing with five copies of Larry 7 for the rest of my life. Actually, make that four copies, I absolutely can’t live without my copy of Larry 4: Charmed and Dangerous. Oh Al! You’ve done it again! That scene where Larry tries to score with Rush Mountmore? Priceless!

Super Puzzle Fighter
If there’s one thing that never gets old it’s a puzzle game. Sure, I’m a huge blood and guts sort of guy but my girlfriend has really turned me onto those stupid cutesey puzzle games with all of the shiny graphics. I’m a real man’s man though, so I decided to go with Super Puzzle Fighter, probably the manliest one of the bunch, although that’s not saying much.
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