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posted 7/15/2004 by The GN Staff
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We, at Gaming Nexus, were posed with a question recently. If we were able to only choose five games to have in our collection for the rest of our lives what would they be? The only qualifying agent would be that the game is released so that leaves out some heavy hitters such as Half-Life 2 and Doom 3. So here are some of our staff’s top choices.

Phillip Ellis
Staff Writer

NCAA Football 2004
NCAA Football 2004, because it's the greatest college football game ever. I would cry that I just missed out on 2005, but I would be able to live with 2004 for eternity I guess. It just never gets old, the gameplay is amazing, the recruiting, everything.

Call of Duty
Call of Duty, if I had an internet connection wherever I was. The gameplay is seriously awesome, the mods that have been made are great, and the people that play it are cool to play with. Nothing like a sixty-four player deathmatch. Especially respawning to your death.

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising.
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. Something about the 150 player multiplayer that turns me on. How could I live without those huge battles, and the teamwork that comes with the game? From driving the choppers to driving some fast inflatable boat away from my death. I just love it.

MVP Baseball 2004
MVP Baseball 2004, greatest baseball game ever. Except for that lefty-power bug. It irks me, but it's such a small problem that I don't even care. The gameplay is some serious stuff, and the depth of the game, for just a second year game, is freaking awesome. It's nice to finally get to play with my local minor league Charlotte Knights.

Full Spectrum Warrior
Full Spectrum Warrior, the most realistic war strategy game of all time. The graphics are sick, the teamplay is excellent. Everything falls into place. It was a little on the short side, but it has the Army Mode and Authentic Modes for me to fill up on along with the regular modes. No way I could pass taking this gem with me.
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