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posted 12/3/2010 by Charles Husemann
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We’ve seen some fairly cool visuals so far, what kind of hardware are we going to need to run the game? Will the game be “Netbook friendly”?
We honestly haven’t nailed it all down yet. We want as few barriers to entry as possible, but we’re still optimizing everything and haven’t finalized the specs yet. The game needs to be compatible with not just upper end systems, but also with internet café systems that can be found across the world.

What different missions and activities will players be doing in the game? Could you talk about how some of the types have evolved as the game has been developed?
Firefall incorporates co-operative and competitive gameplay within enormous sandbox environments, and we’ll have a large variety of missions for players to experience.

We designed dynamic missions within the game that can be initiated by the players themselves, as well as by the computer AI based on criteria such as location, time of day, season, and player population.

Another major part of Firefall is the social features built into the game. We've built an army system and an army tech tree where your social group will work towards unlocking new pieces of tech that can be used in and out of combat. There will also be ladders and tournaments to show off your Firefall skills.

Is the multi-player strictly co-op (PVE) or will there be PVP elements as well?
Firefall will have both cooperative (PvE), and competitive multiplayer (PvP) content. We all love jumping in with our buddies and kicking a little ass – be it computer enemies, or other players. We’ll have tournaments and competitive clan support right out of the box, so it should be easy for players to really find out who’s the best of the best in the game. Players will have choice over how they want to participate in the content, but ultimately for the most rounded experience players will want to participate in everything.

Could you walk us through the different classes that are in the game? Are you going with the standard ranged, medic, engineer, tank, soldier setup we’ve seen in other games or something different?
In Firefall, the class system works in what we call "battleframes" and is defined by the equipment that you wear. Each battleframe can be independently leveled and grants you access to a range of weapons, abilities, call downs and other tech upgrades. This system gives the player a wide assortment of options so that they can customize their character to match their play style.

At PAX 2010, we shared a glimpse of two of our battleframes: the Medic and the Assault. These battleframes were examples of a range of mechanics for players that prefer a more twitch-style of combat. There will be other battleframes that will reward more strategic gameplay and enable users to customize weapons, backpacks and abilities with modules that create unique game play experiences.

What RPG elements can we expect to see in the game? What kinds of things will you get to unlock as you play the game?
The largest aspect of RPG gameplay within Firefall is the customization. As you progress through the game, your character's battleframe will level up and earn you experience points. Each frame can be leveled independently, and switched out at any battleframe terminal. This means that a player won't be locked into one class. In addition to the frames themselves, players can also unlock new modules that can be slotted into their equipment to add / change functionality of that equipment. Players will have a high degree of choice with how they modify their frames. Building that perfect Battleframe for just the right situation is something that we hope player will enjoy doing.

Will players be limited to playing on your servers or will you be allowing folks to setup/configure their own servers?
To insure data integrity, to minimize exploits, and to ensure a level playing field, players will connect to, and play on, our servers for Firefall.

Is there anything we missed that you think is important?
We are obviously very excited about Firefall and we want to hear from the community. We would love to have people join us on our community site. Please join our forums at You can also sign up for the beta there right on the website.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Also, those that register on the forums will be automatically registered for beta selection, when it begins. We'll be updated our community site with more information over the coming months, so stay tuned. We hope to see you all late 2011 when Firefall releases.

We'd like to thank Scott for taking the time to answer our questions as well as CPal for hooking us up with the interview.

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