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posted 2/18/2009 by The GN Staff
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South Koreans really love their MMOs (who can blame them). Have you had any feed back from any native Koreans on The Guild?

Strangely, not a lot! I’m not sure that we have subtitles in Korean through Xbox Live or not, but I’d love to get the word out over there. Maybe a Korean version of The Guild with Korean actors? That would be cool! :)

The characters in the guild are presented as a band of misfits that are socially awkward. Do you think your perpetuating a negative stereotype? If not then how would you respond to someone who accused you of giving gamers a bad reputation?
I don’t think anyone would accuse me of that. I set out to show the world that gamers are not sullen dudes living in their mom’s basement, like mainstream media portrays them. Adults play, parents play, pretty girls play. This is a rich culture, and I try to be careful about making FUN of the characters vs. HAVING fun with them. Apart from that, I personally AM socially awkward, so whatever, I’m writing what I know.

Fernando Chien (Wade the stuntman) brings a stunning amount of kinetic energy to the show. How did you go about adding him to the roster?
I knew I wanted a love interest for Codex for the season who WASN’T a gamer, and it took 2 months for me to come up with a non-cheesy character my audience wouldn’t hate on sight and wasn’t a cliché. I’ve worked with lots of stunt guys in my time as an actor, so when I stumbled on the idea, everything fell in place. He’s a GREAT actor, we were so lucky to have him as part of the cast.

The beginning of each episode is a little reminiscent of the beginning of Dr Horrible. Did you take some inspiration from it given that you did star in it?
The Guild predated Dr. Horrible, so no the inspiration didn’t come from it, but the webcam conceit isn’t exactly new, I didn’t invent it. I fought using it for quite a while when I wrote the script, but the visceral connection of a person staring out at you is powerful when watching things on a tiny internet screen. And Codex is such an introverted person that we find out much more about her personality through the webcams than when she interacts with other people.

Have you heard from anyone from Blizzard about the show?
They are great supporters of the show, we went to Blizzcon and gave a panel and they provided us with a booth. I love everyone I’ve met over there. We are great fans of each other haha!

The Guild is now syndicated on Xbox Live, could you talk about how that deal came about and the impact that it's had on the show? Do you think the show has opened more doors for you in Hollywood?
We started shooting Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Guild on our DVD money because I didn’t want to sell the rights to the show to a production partner, and that was what everyone wanted to fund the show. We stuck to our guns, and then magically Xbox came in and wanted to partner to deliver the show to a whole new audience. They got the show, they didn’t want ownership, and they got Sprint on board to sponsor. We have a huge number of new fans through Xbox Live, and the show is downloadable on people’s TVs right next to traditional Hollywood shows in their Marketplace. It’s an amazing distribution opportunity, and they are so supportive and fun to work with. It’s a dream come true.,

As far as opening new doors, it has to a certain extent, but Hollywood still doesn’t look at web video as quite“legitimate”, so it hasn’t really helped my acting career that much. I do think having the confidence of running my own show has made me a better actor. I’m not begging for approval anymore, which was why I started doing this in the first place.

We'd like to thank Felicia for taking the time to answer our questions and we encourage you to watch her show.

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