Fantastic Four


posted 7/19/2005 by Sean Colleli
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In the department of extras, Fantastic Four has an impressive stock of unlockable content, if you can stand to replay the missions over and over again to find all the secrets and make everything available. There are commentaries and interviews, including one with Marvel legend Stan Lee, as well as the obligatory trailers and behind the scenes content for the movie. There are even a couple secret levels. Props to the developers for really rewarding players who dig deep into this game.

After all is said and done, Fantastic Four’s PC release is a game that certainly could’ve been better, but also could’ve been a lot worse. Sizeable work went into this one, and the end product testifies to the admirable effort to recreate the feel of the film. If only the developers had made this game more PC friendly, it wouldn’t be such a hassle to adjust to the confusing controls and rather limited in-game options. Fantastic Four isn’t without numerous flaws, but at least it wasn’t the utter crap we usually get from a movie license.

The latest Marvel movie release isn't a nightmare like most other licensed titles, but it could certainly have been better, especially on the PC. Fantastic Four suffers from console-to-PC transfer problems, but ultimately dishes up a satsifying gaming experience.

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