Fallout Brotherhood of Steel


posted 2/3/2004 by Matt Mirkovich
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You’ve really got to hand it to Interplay, going crazy enough to run the risk of losing the entire Fallout fan base with a new Fallout universe game. Of course I had some reservations myself before jumping into this game but after a full play through and seeing the amount of effort that went into this game I’m happy to report that this game isn’t the nuclear waste I was thinking it would be. Fallout Brotherhood of Steel makes good use of the Baldur’s Gate style of gameplay and adds it’s own rich sense of humor that doesn’t stop entertaining for a minute. Of course I’m sure some Fallout purists may still shy away from this game, but seriously give it a shot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Fallout takes place in a post apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, and after much searching, your character, who you pick at the outset of your adventure, has made their way to Carbon, a town on the verge of rebuilding but it’s still got it’s fair share of problems, namely the Raiders who come in and just kidnap people. From here the story spirals out of control in your search for paladins from the Brotherhood of Steel.

The story and dialogue for the game are well written and quite funny at times. You’ll probably catch the few movie references found in the game, and they really fit well. I also like how your character can be a smart ass about responding to certain speeches, however I just wish it had more of a text branch where things could or could not happen depending on your response. Like if I told someone in town to screw off then I shouldn’t be able to get help from them in the future. But then that would have made the story progression a lot more difficult so I’m not going to hold it against the game. Also, if I remember correctly I could attack civilians… that’s sadly not here, I would have loved to mow down the entire town. But at least I can slaughter their cows.

Fallout manages to retain a lot of the graphical tricks that were in BGDA, notably the water and some explosion effects. For the most part the game looks good, although with the way the camera is positioned you wouldn’t really notice much. My only complaint is that some of the character models and their mouths aren’t the most attractive things in the world, but it’s really not a big deal.

The game does some big poly pushing too once you get to the later stages with some mutants taking up half the screen, it’s really quite impressive that this all gets done with little to no slow down what so ever. Like Baldur’s Gate you also get to see the armor that you equip which I always enjoy, no stupid bangles or rings or anything. We’ve got full-blown body armor, which will help you keep clean while mowing down hordes of mutants and raiders and such.

Musically I’m sadly not impressed, the heavy metal music selected for the game just isn’t for me, but if you’re a fan of Slipknot and the like then you’re in for a good soundtrack. The in game music when not rocking out is quite good though. The voice acting as usual is spot on for an Interplay title and that always brings a smile to my face.
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