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posted 11/14/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Fact or Fiction: Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the best game you've played all year.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is probably one of the year's most anticipated titles. With such high expectations, someone is bound to be disappointed by what the game had to offer. So it comes without saying that the staff of Gaming Nexus would have some varied opinions on Rockstar's latest hit.

Dan Clarke - Editor in Chief

I admit it, I got sucked into the hype. I was really looking forward to this game to the point of getting in line at Best Buy for the 9:30 am opening. I took it home and while I loved the music I was so frustrated with the same targeting system that I took it back out. While the soundtrack rulez, I honestly can say I haven't played it much since launch day.

Dan's Verdict: Fiction

John Yan - Senior Hardware Editor

GTAVC is a good game but has many flaws that I do overlook. It's certainly not the best game i've played all year but it's still fun. I view GTAVC as more of GTA3.5 as it expands on the original and just adds more but it does have rocking 80's music. It's certainly one of the best PS2 games I've played this year but I wouldn't say it's the end all be all game of 2002.

John's Verdict: Fiction

Charlie Sinhaseni - Senior Editor

While the game was fun at first, it lost its charm after a few hours. The more and more I played it the more and more I grew to hate it. I kept noticing so many deficiencies in the game that I thought about going back and editing my review. Sure the music is great but who cares about music when you’re having a hard time killing anything in the game. To be honest I’ve spent much more time playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit II than I have playing GTAVC.

It’s a great game if you love paying 50 dollars for a glorified expansion pack that fails to address the problems of its predecessor. Most of the problems make the missions unplayable, has anyone played the mission entitled The Driver yet? Hey here’s an idea, let’s add cops that are trying to break up the illegal street race but instead of making them chase both parties, they only chase you around town. What’s that? There’s something called AI coding in games nowadays? Who’d have thunk it?

Charlie's Verdict: Fiction
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