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posted 1/13/2005 by The GN Staff
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3) The PSP’s hot start will be mimicked in the US when it’s released next year..

Charlie Sinhaseni: Fact. It’ll be hard to tell but I think that the developers will use the months leading up to the US launch to tinker and improve their titles. Right now the big issue seems to revolve around battery life, but you have to wonder how many people actually play their portable units for more than four hours straight. Even then, how often is it that they’re not near an electrical outlet? The fact that the PSP is portable is an added bonus, not the main selling point. It’s like a laptop, you enjoy the portability of the unit but you don’t realistically expect the battery to last more than a couple of hours.

Charles Husemann: Fact. While it missed the big holiday shopping season, the PSP is going to be a pretty big hit here in the States if Sony prices it right. Since you will be able to play MP3’s and rip DVD’s to memory sticks, this is going to be a killer device.

John Yan: Fact. Personally, I think you can take a crap in a box, stamp the words Sony console on it, and it'll sell a few million. The PSP looks like a winner and there's already been a few titles announced that has gamers excited. Hell, a new Grand Theft Auto game for the PSP will surely make it sell like hotcakes. I'm not one for portables but this one has me intrigued. Once released, the battle between Sony and Nintendo in the handheld arena will be a battle that's going to be watched closely by many. Can Sony do it to Nintendo twice? I think there's a good shot with the PSP.

4) For the Xbox Next to really succeed, it has to come out before the PS3.

Charlie Sinhaseni: Fact. The Xbox marketing platform has revolved around its superior hardware ever since it launched a couple of years ago, look where that got it. The main selling point of a system isn’t its graphics and technology, it’s the quality of the games. For Microsoft to really contend in the next generation it’ll need to blindside consumers by establishing a solid set of titles before the PS3 even hits the market. That way, when the PS3 does hit retail people might be more enticed to buy a console that’s already well established.

Charles Husemann: Fiction. Being first helps but not always (*cough*Dreamcast*cough*). What the Xbox2 is going to need is a killer set of launch titles and some new innovations (built in WiFi support, wireless controllers would be a good start).

John Yan: Fiction. For this, I don't think timing is everything. In the end, titles are what sells consoles and if the next Xbox has some killer launch titles, it will sell itself. This time though, Sony will probably have the luxery of sitting back and seeing how the next Xbox does so that they may tweak their design a bit to compete. But as far as coming out before the PS3 to succeed, I don't think that's a factor.

5) 2005 will not be as good of a year for gamers as 2004 was.

Charles Husemann: Fact. With the recent glut of killer titles and ground breaking games it’s going to be hard for 2005 to be as great of a year as 2004. Sure there are a few killer games on the horizon but it’s going to be hard to beat the killer trio of Halo 2, Half-Life 2, and GTA:San Andreas.

John Yan: Fact. It's going to be hard to topple last year with the release of Valve's masterpiece and some great console games. Will it be as good or better than 2004? My take as I quickly glance through the schedule is no. It will still be a great year but I don't think it will be as big. But the release of the Xbox Next will make it a damn good year. I'm still excited for a few titles but disappointed with EA's deal so we might not see a Sega football game. That alone, makes it worse than last year.

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