Fact or Fiction 10/25/2004


posted 10/25/2004 by The GN Staff
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4) First person games are becoming old and tiresome with no innovation.

Charlie Sinhaseni: Fact. DOOM III was supposed to redefine the first person shooter market, instead it just sort of maintained the status quo. The atmosphere was great but it lost momemtum about 8 hours into the adventure. Then again, Ubi’s Far Cry completely changed the way I looked at first person shooters. The lush environments and intense action kept me hooked until the very waning moments. Even the kiss of death (the inclusion of monsters) didn’t seem to harm the game too much. Let’s just hope that the industry tries to avoid trends though. It looks like the market is trying to turn Vietnam into the next WWII.

Charles Husemann: Fact. While we’ve seen a lot of great FPS games this year there really hasn’t been a big jump in the evolution of the genre. Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 are going to be nice evolutions but there still isn’t a revolutionary game out there right now.

John Yan: Fact. I love FPS games as much as the next guy and it's probably my favorite genre. The fact is though that they are all starting to blend in in terms of gameplay and nothing really innovative has come out in a long time to really bring a FPS into the forefront. Graphics can always be improved but we might have hit the plateau with FPS games in terms of gameplay. I'll still pick up a few FPS games here and there but I hope there's something coming out that will take the genre to the next level other than an improvement in graphics.

5) There are too many MMORPGs that the market will become oversaturated.

Charlie Sinhaseni: Fact. I don’t personally play MMOs but I’ve seen enough of them to know that there are way too many in development. Perhaps that’s the reason why a couple of them (True Fantasy Online and Dragon Empires) have already been cancelled. EverQuest 2 looks promising but I’ll never understand the allure of any MMO. I’ve got real friends and I don’t need to prance around as a level 55 Wood Elf to feel good about myself.

Charles Husemann: Fact. People only have so much money and time to spend on MMORPG’s per month and there are just too many games out there right now. There will be room for some cool select games like City of Heroes but unless they can bring new people in there’s going to be some games fading from the scene.

John Yan: Fact. Pay per play is a model that only has so many subscribers available because of the time, effort, and resources it takes to play them. Really, if I was spending $10 a month and 4+ hours a day on a MMORPG, there's not enough time and money for another to be in my gaming regiment. And most of them are fantasy based MMORPGs with City of Heroes and Star Wars: Galaxies being two that are in a different setting. You'll have a few that will devote all their time, energy, and money into one but I don't think there are enough of those types of players to sustain all these MMORPGs that are coming out.

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