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posted 11/22/2010 by Charles Husemann
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It's hard to not be interested in Epic Mickey and I'm not saying that as a gamer, I'm saying that as a human being.  We haven't had a good Mickey game in forever (Kingdom Hearts games not with standing) and the thought of the iconic mouse getting his own game is enthralling.  Being a gamer heightens that anticipation because I know that Warren Spector is working on the title which makes Epic Mickey one of the biggest games of the year, even if it's coming out on the one platform that gathers dust in my house.  I was fortunate to be able to land an interview with the team and here it is.

Could you introduce yourself and talk about your role on the project? What kinds of things do you do on a day to day basis?
Sure thing! My name is Paul Weaver and I'm the Director of Product Development here at Junction Point in Austin, TX. To keep things at a high level and to best define my role, I am essentially Warren's “right hand man.” As he comes up with the high level vision, the story, and the commitment to “Playstyle Matters, ” it's my job to to make that vision happen, getting into the details of the game and utilizing all of our internal team and external partners in the creation of the game.

How difficult is it to create an original game using a license as valued and “sacred" as Mickey Mouse? How protective was Disney of the property and how much leeway did you have? Was there one thing you thought you could do but had Disney say that you couldn’t?
Working on Disney Epic Mickey has definitely been the highest profile project that I've worked on in my career. The pressure that we've been under has been the good kind - the pressure to succeed and to make something really special. Disney actually placed a huge amount of trust in us to make this game and while obviously being very protective of Mickey, they gave us the leeway to make the game.

For you, what makes Mickey so special? What are the things that make Mickey, Mickey?
That's a good question! I think Mickey represents the best of all of us. He's kind, heroic, brave, funny, a little mischievous, good-hearted, cares about his friends and always ultimately does the right thing. That is what we've aimed for in our game and I believe we've managed to do just that.
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