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posted 5/6/2011 by Charles Husemann
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Elements of War has an interesting core component.  What happens when you take a standard semi-futuristic RTS game and allow players to control the power of mother nature?  Well we wanted to get some answers to that question and other so we tracked down someone who could answer our questions about the recently released RTS game.

Could you introduce yourself and talk about your role on the project?

I’m Ivan Moroz, Playnatic Entertainment’s CEO and executive producer of “Elements of War”.

What’s the story behind Elements of War? Could you talk about the inspirations behind the game?
The game starts in 2022 after a global climate catastrophe that changed the Earth beyond recognition. The disastrous change in the climate originated in the United States, which suffered the most as a result. Tsunamis, huge hurricanes, and earthquakes rumbled across the world, killing millions and almost destroying civilization as a whole. After the cataclysm, the climate became very unstable. Moreover, a huge hyper cyclone, occupying the entire north of the United States, started slowly destroying the planet's atmosphere.
We were inspired by the recent weather abnormalities of the past few years, such as the overwhelming heat waves in Russia, tsunamis in Japan, snowfalls in Germany and the UK, hurricanes in the USA and so forth. That’s why we had decided to create a game where elements of nature are a powerful weapon. 

As an aside, in 2002 Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky threatened the US with a “weather weapon”. He said that Russian scientists would change the tectonic field of the Earth and the entire USA would be dropped into the Ocean. It was a misplaced drunken jest, but many a true word is spoken in jest :)

How does Elements of War differ from other military RTS games on the market? Is it just the weather units or are there other differences? 
Not only weather units. “Elements of war” has dynamic weather changes during gameplay which directly affect the gameplay. For example, you can’t drop reinforcements or use air forces during, thunderstorms, heavy rain, and the like. The weather changes randomly and unexpectedly. Also we have a lot of futuristic units: troops in light exoskeletons (like in “Crysis”), troops in heavy exoskeletons (like in “Battletech” or “Exosquad”) and other interesting features. 

Are the weather weapons just the top end units for each faction or do some of the lower troops also have some kind of weather weapons? 
Weather weapon units are extremely rare and expensive units which can radically change the course of a battle. Many of them are single-unit prototypes, and to balance things out, you can only use some of them much later in the game.

There are three different factions in the game. What’s the backstory on each and could you talk about how their units/strategies differ from the other factions?
 You are not quite right. We have two main factions in the game: “Patriots” (true American soldiers, faithful to the USA and its government) and “Ravens” (bad American soldiers - mercenaries and renegades, who want to use the elemental weapons to control the whole world). Because all of them are Americans, they use similar weapons and units. The European Task Group, comprised of Russian, German and French forces, supports the “Patriots”. They do have special units with different tactics and performance characteristics (for example T-90 and Leopard tanks, Tigra helicopter, Rafale V-generation multipurpose fighters etc.) but they are ally forces only. The core forces of both factions are Americans with American weapon and tactics. 

By the way, only “Ravens” have a weather weapon in the beginning of the game. An independent faction in “Elements of War” are the marauders. They consist of gangsters, bikers and other criminal elements. They want to use the chaos in USA to rob the civilians. They use guns, which they stole from the gun stores and military bases. Armored jeeps, machineguns, rocket launchers and light guns are also in their inventory.
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