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posted 5/26/2005 by The GN Staff
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Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
Things that were rockin' my world

  • Killer 7 - My game of show, no other game on the floor took such a grip on me and made me just want to sit down and play the game for hours and hours on end. The crazy style of graphics and the absolute bizarre use of storytelling and sound make me want this game more and more. The late June release simply cannot come quickly enough.

  • Okami - Another brilliant game from Clover. This game also has a unique art style and the nice gameplay element that has you drawing in objects in order to progress piqued my interest. It will be interesting to see how well this game is received by the American public. Hopefully if the combat difficulty is tuned up a little bit this game can be a wonderful title.

  • Beatmania - Music games, how I love my music games, and this one is no exception. I've been playing Beatmania games since about 1999 so it's good to see a console version finally come out in the US. Importing be damned I will be picking up this game regardless. The only iffy part on this game is if it gets dumbed down for American audiences which I am hoping will not occur.

  • Nintendogs - I was sold on this game from the first trailer. Playing the game only strengthened my fervor for this adorable title. I didn't think the Tomagotchi style gameplay would hook me again but consider me a sucker for the trends of the past.

  • Makai Kingdom - Nippon Ichi will have another buyer when this strategy RPG drops later this summer. The absolutely hilarious dialouge/story had me at the word "Asshat." Ditching the Phantom Brave style of character deployment for a more favorable system where your characters never leave has me itching to play this title when Lord Zetta comes to store shelves.

Let downs:

  • Tecmo's booth - Not a single console title on the floor to play and only a video to show? For shame Tecmo, I really wanted to try out Trapt and Fatal Frame 3, but now I have to wait months upon months with nothing to go by but screen shots and movies. The gratuitous fanservice for the booth also was a big turn off but at least it kept people out of lines to play the games I wanted to play.

  • Legend of Zelda demo line - 6 Hours... end of story...

  • No Namco X Capcom - Despite how much I was wishing and hoping it just simply was not there. A US release is looking more and more unlikely because of licensing issues and voice acting holes. If Valkyrie Profile can run off the whole cast of Pokemon then there is no reason this game couldn't. But alas I can only wait for my import copy to arrive and I'll have to learn Japanese all over again.

  • Rude Convention Goers - This gets worse and worse every year, you've got a large number of people who simply should not be at this show and when they are there they just go around collection schwag. A lot of times you need to try out a game in order to get this stuff. So when I am waiting patiently in line to play something and finally get my turn don't be quick to rush me off just so you can get your free Nintendog keychain. On the flip side you've got people who will stay on a game for much longer than should be allowed. If it gets to the point where you feel the need to sit down while trying out a game then you've been there too long.

  • PS3 Tech Demos - Fanboys went nuts when the Final Fantasy 7 tech demo was shown. News sites called the Killzone movie a fake. No concrete definitions of what was pre-rendered and what was real time. C'mon Sony this is just ridiculous, Microsoft came out of E3 on top because they had playable content on the floor and it look fantastic, you guys just had a bunch of fanboy traps and PR spin.
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