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posted 7/6/2007 by Charles Husemann
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Price Drops
With a retail store confirming Sony's imminent price drop the onus is now on Microsoft to drop the price of the Xbox 360 and the question is really not if they cut the price but by how much.  Do they match Sony by dropping the price $100 or do they trim off $150?  Hopefully when they cut the price they kill off the Core edition.  I'm can't see how having three SKU's on the market makes any sense any more and cutting the Core edition puts them in a good place as all of their systems have a hard drive and it puts them in a good position for the holiday rush.  I could see Microsoft announcing a Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 with some kind of limited edition content but that's a really remote chance.

There is one near certainty and that is that Nintendo isn't even going to talk about price for either the DS or the Wii.  Both systems are selling well and there's absolutely no pressure on them to cut their prices. 

Alan Wake will have a strong showing and blow people away
With a Gears of War 2 debut being debunked a few weeks ago (although don't be surprised if GOW2 does show up) I think the real crowd pleaser is going to be Alan Wake if only because the folks at Remedy have been pretty quiet about the game for so long.  John and I sat through the trailer for the game at the 2005 E3 and still talk about it in reverent tones.  With Microsoft agreeing to publish the game last year I think that the game is going to get a big push from the folks from Redmond and could potentially steal the show from other Xbox 360 titles like Mass Effect and Halo 3.  I still can't put my finger on how the game got it's hooks into me, it's either the spooky narrative, the jaw dropping graphics, or the horror/adventure feeling the game exudes in spades.  Either way it's one of the games that I'm really looking forward to seeing next week.

Games For Windows
Last year Microsoft got a lot of press for their new Games for Windows campaign and I for one bought it hook line and sinker.  A year and an OS upgrade later and all we've got is two games and a laundry list of half-fulfilled promises. Sure we've got LIVE integration on the PC but it's still a bit limited and there's no sign of the promised cell phone integration that Microsoft was showing off last year. 

I'm taking the recent promotion of Chris Early to General Manager of Games for Windows as a sign that Microsoft is still serious about the Games for Windows initiative and I'm guessing we'll get a few more announcements next week at Microsoft's press conference.   Maybe we'll get another MechAssault game (MS hasn't killed FASA yet) but more than likely it will be something from another Microsoft studio.  I'm hoping for something big here but I'm expecting to be let down a bit.

Nintendo's discovers the internet?
This might be the year that Nintendo discovers this magical thing called "The Internet" and figures out that people like to do more with it than send short messages and trade cute figures back and forth.  Of course it now looks like we won't be getting any multiplayer with Metroid 3 or the new Super Smash Brothers game.  I'd like to say that I expect them to announce some kind of unified online service but we all know that's a pipe dream.  Hopefully we'll get dates on the new Super Smash brothers game and Mario Galaxy and a few new titles to keep the faithful happy. 

I would bet money that Nintendo is going to be announcing two tons of third party support this year.  With all of the buzz around the Wii every publisher has made major shifts to support Nintendo's platform.  I'd like to say that the support is going to be more than collections of mini-games but I'm not overly positive that game publishers can see past the popularity of Wii sports (EA Playground I'm looking at you).

GameCock is going to get a lot of press will have some cool things but not enough to makeup for the lack of Kentia
I really have to give credit to the folks at Gamecock for creating a good amount of buzz about their alternative E3 plans.  The viking burial pyre on Friday sounds like it could be the event of E3, I just wish we could attend (stupid early flight back to Columbus).  These guys always throw the best parties and this one looks to be off the charts.

Unfortunately due to time and logistical constraints GameCock is one of the few independent companies vendor showing off their own wares.  There were some efforts to get an indie showcase setup but none of those went nowhere for any number of reasons.  This means that there won't be anyplace for very small companies to show off their goods.  That's a real shame as there won't be any cool discoveries like you would normally find in past E3's.  If there is another E3 next year I'm hoping they can pull something even bigger off but that's a pretty big "if".

Casual games are every where
I wish I could get a penny for every time the phrase "casual games" is mentioned at E3 because I'm sure that by the end of the conference I would have more than enough money to buy the complete Rock Band setup, a new Xbox 360 Elite, a 62" Plasma HDTV to play it on, and guitar and vocal lessons from Sammy Haggar.  Expect to see a cavalcade of simple, cheap games that companies are cobbling together under the casual games guise.  I almost wonder how many Geometry War clones they can expect us to play before we move on to something new.

I know it's still cool to hate on E3 but I think this year is going to be interesting because it's really going to be about the games as Microsoft will start unveiling the third generation games for the 360 and we're going to start to see the second generation games for the PS3 and the Wii.  I'm also hoping we'll find that one cool game that catches fire at E3 like Katamary Damaci, that one game that everyone starts buzzing about and is dying to see. I guess we'll find out what happens in a week.

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