E3 Day Two


posted 5/14/2004 by The GN Staff
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Is there a better way to start you day than by seeing a Half-Life 2 tech demo? OK, but if you eliminate the ones that involve waking up next to a super model or winning the lottery it’s still up there right? OK, it might be a bit of a stretch but our first meeting of the morning was to check out the first tech demo. While we waited for the Vivendi people to get a few things sorted out I took the opportunity to check out Tribes: Vengeance. The game is looking good and the port to the Unreal Tournament engine looks to be going well. I only got to spend a few minutes playing the game but it looks and the addition of a single player mode should help people new to the franchise learn the game.

Once we got seated in the Half-life 2 booth we got started with the new demo. The new game will start like the last one with Gordon Freeman going to work. This time the experience is not as friendly as it was in the first game. As you get off the train in City 17 you notice the fun signs of a repressive government (a message from an government authoritity figure telling you want a wonderful place it is, the bizarre ramblings of the locals and lots and lots of jackbooted police figures). Instead of heading right to work, Gordon is steered into an interrogation room and then the screen fades to protect the rest of the plot. The game is as stunning as it was last year and the gameplay includes some cool new weapons (there’s a fun disintegration gun that vaporizes enemies) and the list of things you can do with the grav gun is impressive. I think the grav gun is going to be a lot of fun to use since it really allows you to use (and abuse) the physics system in the game. Everything in the game can be a weapon for you to pick up and throw (barrels, the dune buggy, crates, etc). I think there will be people who just sit around and move stuff around with the gun to entertain themselves.

Gabe also let us know that the multi-player portion of Half-life will be the porting over of all of the original Half-Life mods to the source engine. We were treated to a video of DE-Aztec from the updated Counter-Strike Source game and it certainly is an improvement over the original. The new physics of the game will add some interesting new twists to the game (I’m guessing people will be able to push the explosive barrels around to create traps). The original Half-Life single player game will also be ported over to the Source engine so those of you looking for an excuse to go back through the original game will have one.

After the Half-Life booth we stopped down to watch Fatal1ty’s reign of terror continue as he completely man-handled senior editor Charlie Sinhaseni 7 to -1 (at least Charlie was able to kill someone). If you see what’s left of Charlie’s pride roaming around Kentia please let us know.
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