E3 Day Two


posted 5/14/2004 by The GN Staff
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John's Second Day at E3..

Thursday started out with a bang as we hopped into one of the two Half-Life 2 demos at Vivendi. I’ll leave Charles to talk about that one and move on to another stop but I will talk about the ATI Half-Life 2 demo that I was treated to today.

While waiting for the Vivendi Half-Life 2 demo, Charlie and I took up some Men of Valor and came away very impressed. By 2015, the people who did Medal of Honor, Men of Valor puts you in the boots of Dean Shepherd, an African-American soldier in Vietnam in the 60s. Missions will start with some History Channel like footage and letters to your family. The demo level we saw showed that this shooter on the Xbox is definitely a winner. Hiding in the foliage and seeing the Vietnamese enemies charging you was a definite adrenaline rush. If you shoot at them and barely miss their head, you’ll see them put their hands over their heads and run for cover. If you do get shot, you’ll start taking bleeding damage unless you heal your wounds by bandaging yourself. You’ll even see your squadmates do the same when they have taken gun fire. Searching enemy bodies is essential to survive as the various items they hold will by your primary source of ammo and health products. Cooperative play is what has Charlie and I excited as there are so many games at E3 that begs for this feature but only a few implement them. Men of Valor is one of them and I’m glad to say that you’ll be able to go on Xbox Live when it’s release and live out the Vietnam war with friends.

At the ABIT booth, they were showing the case for Fatal1ty’s system. Covered in a substance that makes it bulletproof (we’ll test this when we get a unit), the case has a server power supply that’s small and thin. The outer surface has a very bumpy and rough texture with the surface coated. The screws are locks so that you can protect your internal hardware from thieves at LAN parties. A large front fan blows air in the case while a large read fan that spins faster than the front one exhausts warm air out the back. They only had a mockup board inside so the final motherboard that ships with the case wasn’t there but our contact said that it will be a PCI Express capable board. I was also able to witness Charlie Sinhaseni’s humiliation at the hands of Fatal1ty as Charlie finished with a score of -1 while Fatal1ty had 8 kills.

I didn’t have an appointment with Mad Catz this year but I did stop by and check what they had. For the PlayStation 2, there’s a vertical four port adapter that’s pretty condensed and doesn’t take up much room. Attach two for eight player capability on a PlayStation 2. First there was the Lumicon. Now there’s the Zombie Pad that has an interesting skin that lights up. On the Xbox side, there’s also a Zombie Pad with the weird light up scheme. A potentially great seller is the HipCOM. Attaching to the hip and utilizing any existing headset, the unit allows for cordless Xbox Live microphone capability. It’s similar to the Saitek With Out Wires setup. Finally, Go Live! is Mad Catz’s all in one setup for Xbox Live people complete with a new style controller and Xbox Live functionality built into the unit. Mad Catz has always made great third party products and this year seems to be the same.
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