E3 Day Three


posted 5/15/2004 by The GN Staff
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John's Last Day Concluded....

Now here’s a little rant. I know we’re not a huge site right now but I feel we do a good job at what we do and we are honest about what we talk about. Plus we don’t break NDAs like some other sites that shall be remained nameless. In any case, there are some companies at E3 that really leave a sour taste in my mouth. Being this is my eighth year at the show, I’m more into meeting with the people I work with than anything else. I enjoy the industry tremendously and I wouldn’t be doing what I was doing if I didn’t love it. Companies like Microsoft, ATI, NVIDIA, Activision, and Logitech always impress me with how well they treat us even though we are not one of the giants in the webzine community. They don’t need us at all yet they do all they can to support us. Without them, Gaming Nexus wouldn’t be able to function. Now every year, we go to two companies that are pretty big in the industry but are always given the run around or treated like we’re inconsequential. This year was no exception. It just boggles my mind at how they treat some of the sites that come to see them and give them some coverage. We still cover their products though even with the snub they usually give us. I understand that they are very busy at times and have to deal with a large number of companies but when you tell a member of the media that you don’t have time, won’t talk to you unless you have an appointment, and proceed to stand back and watch for the next half hour at the person as he proceeds to write about your new products and not offer any help, that just seems very unprofessional to me. The funny thing is it’s not like we were never in good with these two as we worked many times in the past together and worked well. I guess I’m more disappointed in the fact that they give off the feeling they are better than anyone and don’t need to talk to you unless you are "important". To name the companies that don’t seem to respect the lesser known web sites would be unprofessional but I do hope that someday that they see the light and help give some time and effort into getting to know them more as I’m sure we weren’t the only ones that this has happened to. So, I’d like to thank all the companies that did meet with us and took the time out of their busy schedule. I really appreciate their hospitality and the people I met reiterate the love I have for the show and the industry. I hope to see you again next year.

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