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posted 5/13/2004 by The GN Staff
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This year’s E3 is my second as a member of the GamingNexus team and third overall so the show still gets my blood pumping. The sights and sounds are still a bit overwhelming but the chance to check out all of the cool new games and meet some of the people behind the games is still quite a trip.

We started the day at the Activision booth. Activision is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year which is really impressive and kind of scary at the same time (John and I felt really old when we found this out). Still it’s quite an accomplishment and kudos to Activision for 25 years of great games.

The first game we got to see was Call of Duty:United Offensive, the expansion pack to John’s favorite game of 2003. The expansion pack is being developed by Graymatter (the fine folks who developed Return to Castle Wolfenstein). What we saw was really impressive, featuring some of the best smoke effects I’ve seen in a game. Graymatter has also brought over the excellent flamethrower from Wolfenstein to the game…ahhh nothing like the smell of burning Nazi’s in the morning.

Next up was Doom 3, the game looks great and I feel sorry for the guys working the Doom 3 booth because it’s going to smell in there. Why you ask? Because gamers are going to be crapping their pants at how good the game looks. We only got to check out the Xbox version but all it really did was to whet our appetite for the PC version. The lighting effects were particularily impressive as well as the positional damage (if you don’t kill an enemy you will get a nice little bloodstain where you shot them). The PC version will be out later this summer with the Xbox version to be out “when it’s done”.

After picking our jaws off the floor (and mopping up the big pool of drool) we headed over to check out Xmen:Legends. The game is a fast playing RPG and the game looks and plays like a comic book. This isn’t your typical RPG though as the action in the game is fast and furious, none of that turn based stuff here. You can tweak the mood and attitude of each team member to ensure that things don’t get out of control though.

The game will feature 15 playable characters with you getting to utilize four of them at a time. Xmen:Legends really uses the unique powers of each character as well as allowing you to combine character powers to solve problems. Need to cross a gap, you can use Nightcrawler to teleport characters across the game or you could have Iceman just create an ice bridge. The game will also feature co-op and scrimmage modes which look to add even more fun to the game. I’d also like to mention that it’s pretty hard to do an interview with someone when Stan “The Man” Lee is signing autographs behind you. John was a little disappointed he couldn’t find a Thing figure and a Batmobile for him to sign…

We didn’t get to check out everything at the Activision booth but we’re hoping to head back later this week for better looks at The Movies and Vampire: Bloodlines.
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