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posted 5/21/2005 by The GN Staff
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ABIT was my other appointment today with a new booth over at the West Hall and a nice upgrade from when they were in Kentia. It was a pretty big booth and of course, heavily branded with Fatal1ty. There was a nice setup for a deathmatch with the man himself. As far as a hardware goes, the big news is that ABIT has signed an agreement with Creative Labs so there will soon be Fatali1ty branded CL products. I asked if they would soon incorporate Creative Labs audio solutions on their high end boards but there were no news on that end yet. Zalman’s been working with ABIT for a little bit now and they showed off new Fatal1ty branded coolers for the CPU and video card. The CPU cooler was similar to the CNPS7000-Cu but with a bigger fan. And the video card cooler’s design was similar to the VF700-Cu. On display was also the case but there wasn’t any information on when it will be released. For motherboards, only the AMD64 SLI solution was on display in the case while various Creative Labs products were in the other portion of the display. Overall, ABIT’s booth had some fun events and if you like Fatal1ty’s products, this booth was for you.

Behind the ABIT booth, I ran into a product for FPS gamers called the Cyber Snipa. What it is is a small USB mini keypad designed with a FPS-centric layout. As you can see, the directional keys are ZBoard keys. Everything on the product is in easy reach and I didn’t have any problems getting used to the layout while testing the product with Unreal Tournament 2004. For laptop gamers, this would be a nice device to take with you to LANs. Time will tell if it will be well received or be another small nitch product.

Over at the Tecmo booth, a demo that I really enjoyed watching was Trapt. You play Princess Allura and try to lure enemies into various traps set in your castle. There’s nothing like avenging your father’s death by causing as much pain to your enemies as possible in various gruesome and humorous ways. There were some pretty innovative traps shown on the video such as one that was reminiscent of the movie Hellraiser where hooked chains come flying out and taking the enemy in the air. Another great one features an arrow is shot at a knight. On impact, the knight is thrown back with the arrow where it gets stuck in a clock face. Then the clock hands converge on the knight dealing more punishment to the victim. Trapt looked pretty original and to be great fun.

Tomorrow I should be back with a lot more as it’s a full day of appointments for me. Some of the companies I will be meeting with are NVIDIA, Logitech, and Mad Catz. I’ll be sad when the day ends but relieved that another E3 is over and I can rest from the long walks between appointments.
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