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posted 5/21/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Awhile back the pre-rendered movie sector of Squaresoft developed a tech demo that showed off its artists talents. A few years later Tetsuya Nomura has decided to dust off that old demo and turn it into a full-fledged movie based on one of gaming’s most beloved franchises.

Advent Children stars a mature and older Cloud. Two years removed from the events of Final Fantasy VII, a tragic event forces the spikey-haired hero to pick up his blade once again. Developers and writers are keeping mum about said incident but ensure us that it’s life changing for Cloud. Throughout the course of the film you’ll encounter a number of characters from FFVII including Barett and Tifa as they help Cloud on his quest. Very little has been revealed about the actual film itself including the run time or the potential voice actors for the characters.

A couple of familiar faces are along for the ride.
Right now there are plans to release the movie in DVD format and in UMD format for use with the upcoming Sony PlayStation Portable. A price point hasn’t been reached yet due to the PSP being in its development stages, but the developers hope that both formats will be comparably priced in order to keep the market balanced. Again, the developers are tight-lipped about the title but we’ll have more information as the official word comes down the pipeline.
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