E3 Coverage: Square Enix


posted 5/21/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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This marks the second year that the Japanese conglomerate has made an appearance at the show and apparently the company has learned from last year’s mistakes. Instead of trying to succeed on the basis of the Final Fantasy franchise the company has expanded its horizons and in the process, even decided to bring back an old favorite.

Remember Brave Fencer Musashi? Well he’s back and he’s got an interestedly new look. He was redesigned by famed Final Fantasy artist Tetsuya Nomura and it really shows. Musashi looks just gorgeous in his cel-shaded state, featuring plenty of nice details in both the characters and the environments. Everything looks appropriately flashy and should exude the trademark Squaresoft flair.

Tetsuya Nomura's brushstrokes are all over this title.

Like before the game is a hack’n’slasher at its core. The build that Square showed us seemed to run on a modified version of the Kingdom Hearts engine. It featured many of the same elements and animations as before, including the clunky camera system. Perhaps this was just a placeholder to show the attendees what the designers had in store for the game. With the producer of the famed Chrono Trigger and Parasite Eve franchises behind the helm, the product looks to be in great hands.
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