E3 2006 Day Two


posted 5/12/2006 by The GN Staff
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Next up was Logitech where I got a chance to check out a racing wheel that will probably end up in Dave’s house after its release in October.  The G25 Racing Wheel features 900 degrees of movement and a slick six speed shifter.  These features do require software support though but if you have an older game that doesn’t support these features you can throw a switch on the wheel and you’ll get straight sequential shifter as well as limiting the wheel’s movement to 280 degrees.  Logitech also re-designed the petals by making adding a pneumonic feel to them so they don’t just feel like you are pushing down on sprints. 

Another new addition to the Logitech family is their G3 Mouse.  The mouse shares the same optical engine with the G5 and G7 mouse but comes in an ambidextrous form so that lefties will finally be able to enjoy Logitech’s 2000 DPI goodness.   

The G11 keyboard rounds out Logitech’s new PC accessories.  It’s basically their G15 keyboard with out the cool LCD which is fine for those of you who don’t need to check their e-mail while you are fragging.

Logitech is also introducing a new peripheral for the Xbox 360 as the Drive FX Xbox 360 Wheel will be out in the late July/early August time frame.  The wheel will feature Logitech’s new advanced vibration system which moved and added new motors to the wheel.

After checking out the Logitech booth I migrated down to Kentia hall to check in with the folks at DISCover.  If you read our E3 coverage two years ago you might remember this company as bringing PC gaming to the living room by creating a PC like console system that would automatically install games that where inserted into the systems disc drive.  They’ve changed things around a bit with the current version of their software which now integrates a little more seamlessly into Windows Media Center.  The now software only solution creates a My Games section in your Media Center software and allows you to access the games you currently have on your system as well as allowing you to go online and purchase games.  These games can either be signed up to on a subscription basis, purchased, or downloaded directly to your PC.

DISCover is working on a new version of their software which will be released in the coming months that completely revamps the user interface and adds a host of new features like being able to view game trailers, screenshots, and then make the subscribe, purchase, download decision.  It’s an interesting solution and you can expect to hear a lot more from them as more and more people start using XP Media Center edition as well as when Microsoft releases their Vista operation system next year (Media Center is baked into almost every copy of Vista so expect to see a lot of DISCover in the future).

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