E3 2006 Day Two


posted 5/12/2006 by The GN Staff
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Over the years I’ve learned that E3 is all about decisions: which appointments to book, which games to check out first, and which after parties to go to.  When you book a lot of appointments an entire suite of new decisions arise.  Do I have time to hit the bathroom before the next appointment, can I down two hot dogs and 32 oz of soda in five minutes, and my new favorite, do I check out the Supreme Commander video or do I eat for the first time all day.  If you recall that I’m a die hard Total Annihilation fan you know how I answered that question.

You are also faced with the panicked realization that the show is almost over and you have less than 14 hours in to check out all of the games on your must see list and that’s where the food or games decision becomes critical.  As someone who has “a few extra pounds” on them you realize this is an excellent opportunity to lose weight and play cool games at the same time.  Today was my busiest day so rather than regale you with tales of my eating patterns it’s probably better to just talk games.

First up on the docket for today was Bethesda Softworks booth where they were showing off their two new Star Trek games, Star Trek: Legacy and Star Trek: Tactics.  After blowing me away with Elder Scrolls Oblivion next year I was interested to see if they could repeat the experience.  I had little to fear as Star Trek: Legacy looks to be the Star Trek game that fans are craving.  The single player portion of the game spans the entire canon of the Star Trek universe as you’ll captain everything from the Archer era all the way through the end of the Next Generation series (including the movies).  Bethesda has even got permission from Paramount to add in a few new ships to fill in some gaps.  The single player portion of the game was written by one of the show’s writers (who’s name will be revealed in the upcoming weeks) and they’ve gotten a large number of the cast members to lend their voices to the game (the specifics will be announced at a later date but it’s a safe bet that Patrick Stewart’s commanding voice will make it’s way to the final disc.

What really got my attention was the planned multiplayer for the game which will allow you and seven of your friends to engage in some serious fleet combat.  You can pick and choose which starships you want to use and you won’t be limited to one particular generation so if you want to want to see how that Kirk vs. Picard battle would play out here’s your chance (well kind of since you’ll really just be matching up the ships).

Sean is going to cover Star Trek:Tactics later on but this game also looks like a lot of fun and might be the game that finally gets me to purchase a DS.  The PSP version is a bit prettier than the DS version but the DS version has a very cool virtual Star Trek bridge interface that allows a little more fine detail work than the PSP version.

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