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posted 5/11/2006 by The GN Staff
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Activisions’s presence this year was a little dialed down from last year’s game-a-palloza but as the saying goes it’s Quality and not quantity that matters.  Here’s a run down of what Activision has in store for gamers this year.

  • Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360 will be getting a set of new maps over the coming weeks. They will be releasing four maps this week, only half of which will cost you Microsoft points. They are also planning on releasing five more maps by July and all of those will set you back a few ducats.
  • The Movies: Stunts & Effects expansion pack will add a whole new set of movie effects and features to the original game. As you might extrapolate from the title the main focus is adding new stunts to the game. The new stunt system allows you to train your stuntmen on several on set training systems before allowing them to ply their craft on set. If you are really cheap or need to do a scene immediately you can actually have your actors perform the stunts but if they get hurt while doing the stunt you’ll lose them for months while they heal up in the hospital. You’ll be able to evaluate a persons’ ability to do a stunt by looking at their Stunt Skill attribute and see how hurt they are by looking and their Condition attribute. Besides the new stunts and sets the other big addition is the new mini sets where you can create your own small version sets to create big effects such as an alien invasion or your own giant green licensed lizard attacking a city in a rubber suit type of movies. Fans of the game will also get a slew of new camera tricks to play with as well as new types of sets to play with.
  • Fans of the Tony Hawk series can rest easy as Neversoft will be building the next generation Tony Hawk game from the ground up. The new game will be a new engine designed from the ground up for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and then ported down to the PS2, Xbox, and PS2. While Activision is only showing off a trailer at this point of the game they do expect to have the game in stores later this year when the PS3 hits the market.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance looks to continue the success Raven has had with their X-Men Legends style of game play. Instead of being limited to the X-men though you will have over 20 playable superheroes in the game as well as cameo appearances from 140 characters from the Marvel universe. You will still play with four characters at a time but not only will you have individual powers but as your team of characters plays through the game they will earn their own team stats, powers, and reputation. You can choose to use any classic team like the Avengers or create your own from the roster of characters available. Always wanted to see Ghost Rider and Spider-man team up? Well now is your chance. The game also features certain plot point decisions throughout the game and you will have the opportunity to make changes that impact the final ending of the game (for example you can choose to save Atlantis from attack unlocking Sub Mariner or you can by pass that and continue on with the main plot and not have him available). The demonstration I saw was pretty impressive and Raven has tweaked the camera a bit but the flying characters in the game still look a bit off to me. All said this looks like another fun superhero game.
  • John, just stop reading now and continue on to the next page because I don’t want to feel like I’m rubbing it in your face that I played Quake Wars for a good 15 minutes at the show and that it was pretty freaking awesome. What was only a trailer last year is now easily one of the better FPS games expected to hit later this year. The game is completely mission based combat so don’t expect to have to fight over command points or capture flags in this game but rather expect to have to perform escort missions, hack computers, and lay down covering fire as Quake Wars is all about coorperative gameplay. You will have to work with everyone on your team if you want to be successful as certain classes are required to complete certain parts of the game’s missions.
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