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posted 11/12/2010 by Charles Husemann
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If you're remotely familiar with the Dynasty Warriors series you know the games are known for their large, fast combat.  These are two attributes that are not normally associated with an online MMO.  When we heard about Dynasty Warriors Online we were intrigued to see how the game was going to work and the folks at Aeria were more than obliged to answer our questions.

Could you introduce yourself and talk about your role on the project? How did you get into the industry and what was the first game you produced?

My name is Brian DeSanti and I am the Associate Producer for Dynasty Warriors Online. Upon finishing graduate school I got a job at Aeria Games. Previously I worked on Twelve Sky 2 and Grand Fantasia here at Aeria.

So why take the Dynasty Warriors franchise online? Could you talk about the key hook to get people to play the game? Will this be a browser based game or a thick client install?
Really, when you think about the classic hack and slash game mechanics, which is the root of any great Dynasty Warriors game, going online is the next logical step. Players can now prove how good they are at mauling their ways through the Three Kingdoms of China – with their friends. Dynasty Warriors Online allows gamers to join their friends as teammates or as foes. Plus, it’s free to play, so downloading Dynasty Warriors Online won’t cost you a thing.

What’s the back story of the game? Can you talk about the backdrop of the game and what players will be doing in the game? How does the plot of the game integrate with the existing Dynasty Warriors canon?
Since it’s set in the historical Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China, players can choose to fight for the glory of the Wu Dynasty, Shu Dynasty or Wei Dynasty. Like most Dynasty Warriors games, DWO follows the narrative of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. Currently the game is in the “Unrest in Jing” scenario just after the Wu and Shu Dynasties teamed up to overthrow the powerful Wei. But before that could happen, a dispute over the Jing province created a rift between the Shu General, Liu Bei and Wu General, Sun Quan, thus sundering their alliance. With each scenario update, the game will progress through the narrative just as the predecessors have done.

What are the different factions that gamers will have to choose from? Can you provide some details on the pros and cons of each one?
Players choose which from the three dynasties, Wu, Wei and Shu, that they will fight for in the game. In the “Unrest in Jing”, the Wei faction holds the most power – more territories and conflict points. Due to this massive size, both Wu and Shu will be out to take down some of Wei’s power for themselves. However, this is merely how this particular scenario starts; new scenarios will reset conflict points and may put other factions with more influence at the beginning. Aside from the starting territories and conflict points, the Generals that the players can serve under will depend on which faction they have picked. Aside from these two points, there are no differences between the factions. If players tire of their faction and would like to try out a new one, they will have the opportunity to trade allegiances.
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