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posted 11/8/2010 by Charles Husemann
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Is it harder to create a game with a “bad guy” as the lead playable character than it is with a traditional hero? On a scale of 1-10, how evil is the Dungeon Lord? Could you talk about how the character changed during the development process?
It's definitely harder to make an “evil” game. It's challenging to develop an evil main character in such a way that players want to play him. It's also more difficult because you walk a thin line with some evil aspects. However it becomes a lot easier if you pursue a more humorous approach...

Since the Dungeon Lord is theoretically the root of all evil in his dungeon, I would give him a 10, of course! He went through a long development process during which he changed dramatically. At first he looked like a brutal fighter in plate armor, next time he was a floating mage in robes. Finally we decided to make him something in-between warrior and sorcerer resulting in the present character.

Could you talk about some of the different types of missions we’ll see in the game? Any chance you will be releasing tools so that players can create their own missions?
The missions have very different objectives. One time there's another Dungeon Lord to destroy, another time you will have to collect a special artifact, protect creatures traveling through your dungeon, kill heroes roaming through your dungeon, pervert heroes to join your side or just survive waves after waves of heroes.

We use an in-house level editor to create these missions and we're planning to make this tool public after the release of the game.

Once we’ve trapped some heroes, what do we do with them? Do we have to worry about them escaping or being rescued?
It's still not completely decided, but we're currently planning that a very powerful champion enters your dungeon from time to time and rescues his imprisoned buddies. While heroes are in the prison, they constantly lose soul energy which is added to your resources.

Is the Dungeon Lord able to take on heroes directly or is it always going to be through minions and traps?
Your Dungeon Lord has no problems taking on several heroes personally. Indeed, most of the time you'll want to interfere directly and lure special heroes into a fight. However you can take advantage of traps or overpower the heroes with monsters in order to deal with them. However you have to take care that heroes don't die too early in your dungeon, otherwise you won't harvest enough soul energy to keep up with the more experienced heroes entering your dungeon later in the mission.

Was there ever any thought about releasing the game on the consoles? Do you think we could see the game on the console in the near future?
No, the concept was always PC-only.
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