Dual Blades


posted 10/29/2002 by Dan Clarke
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Fighting games and the Game Boy Advance have long been two great tastes that go together like the Red Sox and the World Series – namely they don’t. Between the small buttons and the small screens, it’s very tough to do those twelve button combo attacks.

That being said, Metro 3D has released Dual Blades on the Game Boy Advance. Let’s take a look at the fact sheet for this game:

It is 150 B.C. amidst the Hun Empire. You must possess the power to slay your enemies and execute insane combos. The fearsome Alperen has harnessed incredible energy by merging his soul and the immortal sword to create the legendary weapon of Dual Blades. Survive battle after battle and face the ultimate test to topple Alperen, gain the sword and become immortal!

Key Product Features:
· Exclusive Game Boy(R) Advance Fighter - Exploits the gaming power!
· 15 huge fighters - bigger than any other GBA fighting game
· Dynamic visual effects:
- Gorgeous, colorful multi-scrolling arenas
- Intense combos and powerful finishing moves
· 2-player vs. fighting via the Game Boy Advance Link Cable

Doesn’t that sound pretty exciting? When I fired it up, I was thinking – could this be the fighting game to win me over on the GBA..the answer is yes and no. While I’m still not convinced about the fighting prowess of the GBA (I’d still have to pick the NeoGeo Pocket as the platform of choice) the game did impress me.

The graphics are well done , especially the fighter animations. The characters are gigantic on screen which definitely helps you control the fighter as you know what he/she/it is doing. Some of the backgrounds could use a little more excitement, but the foreground action is pleasing to the eye.
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