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posted 11/23/2009 by Tina Amini
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Playing the game on a whole also felt slower paced compared to the PC. This is probably due to the controls of a controller versus keyboard and mouse. You don’t exactly have a repertoire of easily accessible hot keys on the PS3. Rather, you have spells/abilities mapped to various buttons, with the R2 button switching to a second set of three mapped buttons. To my knowledge, given my short time with the PC version, there were no such issues with the PC, but you can check John’s upcoming review of the PC version to be sure.

Speaking of the visuals, Ferelden is a fascinating and beautiful place even on the PS3. There’s a lot to explore, as well as a plethora of side quests should you choose to complete them, all bringing you to very aesthetically pleasing environments. While there was an overall medieval theme, I still recognized distinct differences between the regions and appreciated the development put into the world of Dragon Age.

Exploring Ferelden was all the more enjoyable given my company. You’ll meet different personalities on your quest to clear the land of the blight. This also means that dialogue was funny, emotional, and downright well-written. Side conversations, meaning those not conducted in interactive cut-scenes, were also genius. Hearing Morrigan demean Alistair, or Oghren hit on the ladies in my party also proved to be classic companionship to my journey.

My journeys didn’t just entail combat and tactics. You’ll find puzzle-type encounters that BioWare has a knack for, as well as interesting rendezvous sessions in the Fade. There was no slack to be found in this game, making it far from monotonous as well as spicing up the usual RPG experience.

But I still have not answered my own question. How did all these aspects fare for me having played the game for around 50 hours? Well, I’m of the opinion that video games have different genres and, like movies, a different mood calls upon a different genre. At times I’m in the mood for action-packed, shooting and killing-a-plenty fun in which case I might turn to a game like Left 4 Dead or a similar FPS game. Dragon Age, however, is the kind of game that you can appreciate for the action of the combat and battles, but at the same time kick back and relax to enjoy the story for what it is and what you make of it. The pause-and-play combat style lets you get the most out of your battle and really make use of strategy. Or, if you prefer to be at the edge of your seat as the occasion might call for it, you can work out tactics on your exposed AI beforehand (or use the default settings) and go all out instant real-time on the battlefield. This RPG is definitely multi-faceted to say the least, and I will be sure to enjoy it for some months to come. That is, before Dragon Age 2 comes out…

Dragon Age: Origins is an excellent RPG with a great story, an awesome combat experience and definite replayability points. I plan on making multiple rounds with this game – testing out my options and the different origins stories to get a taste of the extent of what this game has to offer. However, if you’re planning on picking this game up, do yourself a favor and get the PC version.

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