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posted 4/22/2005 by Phillip Ellis
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Talk about retro. ID Software has once again brought us back to our younger years. It’s brought me back to being a little kid watching my dad play Doom I and Doom II on the computer for hours on end, and me, well trying to play myself. I remember playing the original Wolfenstein as well, and ID Software brought that game back out with a bang. Yeah, I think I’m in love with ID Software for taking me back to my younger years, and letting me relieve my retro days.

Those of you that have been looking for an Xbox game to be like the old PC version of Doom need no longer look. Doom 3 is on target and reminds me of nothing but my days of playing the old versions of Doom. The biggest difference, I believe, is that now it’s gotten even scarier. It’s easy to tell that things have not changed very much in the game from the first level. You walk through the same type of levels, dark and eerie, and eventually meet your first gruesome enemies. The flaming heads. The view of these terrified me at first. I remembered them when I was a little kid, and I’m pretty sure I’ll now have some nightmares about flaming skulls flying around me. My goodness it feels good to feel young again.

The first level throws you right into the mix. You start off by searching for a missing scientist in a dark area of the underground area of the Union Aerospace Corporation. This corporation is on Mars, where you have been sent as a Marine. In the midst of your arrival something has gone terribly wron. You then watch as the people around you are engulfed by demons and you seem to be the only one left alive. You‘re the only thing standing between Hell and Earth and it is your job to stop what’s happening. Phew. That’s a lot easier said than done….

The graphics are solid but not mind-boggling amzing , like those found in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Halo 2, or Riddick. Everything is nicely done, however and the graphics get the job done and are very good in their own aspect. It’s hard to compare them to any game because there really are no games with similar situations and environments. The graphics are good enough to scare the bejesus out of me with my volume up and my lights out when a demon jumps out of nowhere.

Once arriving in Mars City, where you’ll be fighting these demons in the UAC you are given a very handy PDA. The PDA is very important, and you’ll find yourself going to it very often to try to remind you what your objective even was. The problem with the PDA is the amount of time it takes to bring it up and put it back, it just seems to interrupt the flow of the game. Security clearances and other things are used through your PDA, along with e-mails, audio, and video logs created by other UAC personnel by picking up discs from around the map. These logs can be very useful to you later in the game and help you overcome obstacles in the future portions of the game.
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