Disgaea: Hour of Darkness


posted 9/25/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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Throwing has to be one of the coolest things that you can do in this game. All humanoid characters can pick up and throw other units, making the range of a specific character that much greater. So say you’ve got a group of enemies clumped up in a corner of the map, you’ve got a spell caster who can dish out massive damage and take them all out in one turn. You have the spell caster walk over to someone who will then pick them up and toss them over to that group. And you’re not limited to just one person being picked up at a time; you can have a giant totem pole of people ready for tossing. Also remember the Prinny I talked about before? Those act like bombs, so when you toss them the higher their level the more damage they do when they explode, only downside to this is that it counts towards your ten character limit, so once they are gone that’s a dent in your available forces. I say humanoids are the only ones who can throw because there are also monster units in the game. As you defeat them in battle they become available as a character unit.

Character creation is an interesting process. There are archers, thieves, gunners, mages of different varieties, fighters who can be compared to monks, warriors and a slew of hidden classes that you have to meet certain conditions to unlock There is a governing body in the Underworld called the Dark Assembly, and when you want to do certain things, like make a character you have to go to them and propose your character creation. Most characters can be made without a problem, although if you want them to get a massive number of bonus stat points then you need to have it approved by the Dark Assembly. Of course if your influence with the Dark Assembly is low then they’re just going to laugh you right out the hall. You gain pull in the Dark Assembly by taking promotional exams, once you get up to level 6 or so in Demon Rank it becomes a lot easier to get things passed. Also Laharl is not the only one who can make a proposal; any member of your party can do it provided they have the mana to do so.

Of course even still some of the senators in the Dark Assembly might need some, ”Persuasion” in the form of gifts. Each member has a general idea on which way they are going to vote, from loathe to total support, there are going to be some people who you just can’t sway. Of course if you don’t like the decision passed by the Dark Assembly you are more than welcome to go ahead and challenge those who shot you down, just be aware that it will be a tough battle. There is a lot of things you can have passed by them, they govern things like weapon shop inventory, enemy strength, military funds, and then there is the stuff like Prinny Day which makes all the enemies of the next map Prinnies, or Triple EXP which will triple the experience of the first enemy killed on the next map.
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