Disciples III: Renaissance


posted 7/29/2010 by Tyler Sager
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The area-control aspect has also changed, and not for the better. As before, each faction has a "creep" of ownership that dictates which resources are collected. Gone are the fragile rod-planters from before, to be replaced by fixed-point nodes of control. These nodes can be claimed by any leader unit. Once these nodes are claimed, a guardian unit spawns. These guardians are generally capable of at least slowing down the brain-dead enemy factions from reclaiming territory. So no longer is there a delightfully infuriating game of territory control, which was so much at the heart of the series.

The game campaign follows three factions, the Empire, the Legion of the Damned, and the Elves. Looks like players will have to wait for a possible future expansion to round out the Dwarves and Undead. Each faction gets a lengthy six-scenario story arc, although I soon found myself bored with my overly-powerful army marching virtually unopposed throughout the countryside. Each map is basically a puzzle, with a meandering path from start to finish with a few forking avenues for added flavor. The opposing factions are little more than speed bumps on the way to victory.

I could go on about the grating voice acting, hit-or-miss dialogue, and stale story. But instead I will wrap things up and simply reiterate my disappointment in the misstep the Disciples series has taken.  There are far better turn-based fantasy games out there, including the previous titles in this franchise. Perhaps future updates will smarten up the enemies and bring back the fun, but for now I'm going to sadly shelve this game and move on to greener, and more enjoyable, pastures.

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A disappointing addition to one of my favorite fantasy series. Poor AI, questionable design decisions, and a surprising lack of challenge mar the venerable Disciples pedigree.

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