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posted 9/24/2009 by Charles Husemann
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The Disciples franchise has been around for a while but hasn't had the mainstream success here in the US that it has in Europe.  Here's our chat with the producer of the upcoming Disciples III who talks about why people should be interested in their game and how they are trying to break into the market.

Can you introduce yourself and talk about your role on the project?

My name is Alexey Ilyin, and I am the producer of Disciples III: Renaissance.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Disciples franchise can you give us an overview of the series and what the key components of the franchise are?
Disciples’ series is turn-based strategy with a strong RPG element.

The main feature of the series is managing small squads rather than big armies. Every unit gains the experience and raises its level.

The style of the game is one more important feature. The atmosphere is dark and gothic. Unlike the other turn-based strategies, Disciples series contains a strong RPG element which allows players to develop their storyline leaders and units of the squads.

All previous products from Disciples series have always had a strong storyline that found a great continuation in Disciples 3: Renaissance which is a great leap forward in evolution of Disciples series.

Will those who haven't been played the previous ones be able to jump right in or is there a learning curve? How do you balance the need to bring new people in to the game while keeping the existing fans happy?
The game will definitely be interesting for both hardcore fans of the series and new comers. On one hand, the plot of Disciples 3 doesn’t relate directly to the previous product, and that’s why the players won’t need to delve into the storyline of Disciples 2. But still, we’ve preserved the original gameworld, and it has the references to the previous games from Disciples series in terms of important locations, characters & the gameworld in general.

The game has been in development for quite a while, can you shed some light as to what's been the hardest part of developing the game?
It was an interesting challenge to transfer the atmosphere of gothic and beautiful art from 2D to 3D perspective. It’s quite a difficult task in general, and I don’t know many developers who managed this well enough.

Hope, people who will play Disciples 3 will like what we’ve done.

The 2nd challenge was to preserve this intriguing and unique style of the game. We understand that fans of the series have quite high expectations. So, we’re doing our best to match them.
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