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posted 6/17/2010 by Tyler Sager
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And now for the not-so-great part of Din's Curse: the presentation. This title just lacks polish. For every innovation, such as powerful magics causing dangerous cave-ins, there are several lackluster audio and visual disappointments. Din's Curse simply doesn't look good. The colors are muddled, the randomly-designed dungeons quickly lose their appeal, and the character animations are downright bad. This last point was particularly jarring for me, as I would find my character oddly shooting bolts of fire from the middle of his back, skidding to halt several feet from where I indicated with my click, and woodenly swinging his weapon. Monsters would get caught in slow-downs followed by warp-speed moves. Combined with a slightly clunky control scheme that always seemed to do a little less than I wanted, I was often distracted out of my enjoyment by these quirks. I can often overlook less-than-stellar presentation in a title, but for some reason I just couldn't manage it here.

Still, there's fun to be had for those willing to dig into the subtleties of Din's Curse while overlooking its warts. With a seemingly active community playing this game, and an attentive developer monitoring the forums for suggestions and improvements, Din's Curse could evolve into something thoroughly enjoyable. With a little time, patience, and a desire to support the indie community, Din's Curse could be  a solid little title for players willing to take the plunge, blemishes and all.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

Din's Curse from Soldak Entertainment is an action RPG with a surprising amount of innovative takes on the genre. Unfortunately, these shining moments are marred by a rough-around-the-edges presentation.

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