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posted 12/29/2005 by Matt Mirkovich
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Remember the grid system in Final Fantasy X? Remember how stupidly difficult it was to navigate that grid sometimes? Well confusion be damned with Digital Devil Saga. As you defeat monsters you earn macca which the currency in the game. At every save point you can select a new discipline to learn, want the main character to be a healer, you can do that. Each time you want to start a new discipline then you just head to the start of the grid. You will learn new skills by acquiring atma, which is done at the end of every battle. You can acquire it at an accelerated rate by devouring your enemies. There are a number of skills that allow you to devour your enemies, some have a higher success rate than others, but you’ll always want to devour them when they are frightened. You’ll figure that out as you play the game.

Like I’ve said before these games are difficult, and the game doesn’t cut you any slack during the transition between Digital Devil Saga 1 and Digital Devil Saga 2, you will have to relearn all your skills, and re-level. Which is a big stinker when you consider a game like .Hack allowed you to carry over all of your stats and items. Digital Devil Saga  has a few story elements that pertain to how you respond to specific situations, but it’s not anything absolutely major. This little end-game gripe and the difficulty are the only things I think keep this game from getting a higher score. Everything else in the game is fantastic, music, story, battles, all of these things combine to make for an epic experience.

Digital Devil Saga is one of the standout RPGs in a year without a Final Fantasy. If you picked up the first Digital Devil Saga earlier this year then for completion of the story alone you must get your hands on the second title. You will not be disappointed.

One of the standout RPG's for the year, if you like Final Fantasy style RPG's you need to own both of these titles.

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