Defense Grid: The Awakening


posted 10/8/2009 by Nathan Murray
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One Page Platforms: 360
 I turned the sound on my television all the way down while playing Defense Grid. Between the only NPC, a computer program that likes to get chatty in the middle of combat, and the endless firing of machine guns there isn’t much time to appreciate the games sound track. The interface and menus functioned well and while there was always a lot going on the HUD never hindered the action. With no multiplayer the summation of online competition can be found in the leader boards. Multiple modes for each stage in the campaign mode and bonus levels which have the same features, attempt to add some life to this title and they do a very good job. All that content definitely adds some value and gives completions more goals to work towards. For me the optional game modes weren’t very attractive, they were either harder (only one power core) or easier (practice mode) and I thought the pacing of the story mode was excellent. Achievement hunters should avoid Defense Grid: The awakening. This is one title that will not give up it’s precious points easily. 

In the end I have to give Defense Grid props for a better presentation and more content than most tower defense games, definitely making it worth the points. However I can’t put my whole heart behind a recommendation to purchase the game simply because there are probably hundreds of tower defense games online that are free to play. The bottom line is if you do not have a PC or Mac but do have a Xbox 360 and an internet connection then you should consider Defense Grid: The Awakening as your tower defense video game of choice. Other wise anyone else with a web browser should look elsewhere for free tower defense fix.

With enough content to make it worth the price, but not enough unique content to make it stand out from other free titles you can find online, Defense Grid: The Awakening is a slightly above average tower defense video game.

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