Defender (GBA)


posted 1/2/2003 by Ben Zackheim
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I’ve worked on a game before. That’s right, I actually produced one at Sony Online Entertainment. It was the shortest lived online-only game The Station ever launched. It was a test run for the doomed/ahead of its time pay-per-play concept and its name was Fantasy War. Disregard the title for a second…please, stop laughing, I have a point to make. The game was fun. It was way overbudget, way behind schedule and way too buggy by the time it launched but I will always stand by how fun it was. I was proud of contributing my small part to a good product (it was a runner up for best online game in Computer Gaming World, behind Everquest).

When I review a game I can’t just throw away that experience. I have to picture the folks who worked their butts off to get this thing done and wonder just what they think of their final product. I wonder what the folks at Midway think of Defender for the GBA. My bet is they wish they had more time to make the game they wanted to.
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