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posted 9/21/2009 by Sean Colleli
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Q – How will strategic limb dismemberment come into play in Extraction?
WB – The good news is that it comes into play in exactly the same way it did in Dead Space 1, so anyone who liked it in the first game will be pretty happy with Extraction. We brought over almost all the enemies from Dead Space 1 and they dismember in the same ways, really gory, satisfying ways. You’ll be using it the same way, to slow enemies down, to not explode the exploders’ arms at the wrong time or rupturing open the pregnant’s belly and causing a swarm, all those kinds of things. We have some new enemies in there as well and they have unique dismemberment mechanics, but again the great thing is that the dismemberment translates really well to this new format, and anyone who played Dead Space 1 should love it.

Q – For the Wii did you have to dial back any of the blood and gore?
JH – Not at all. Extraction is just as bloody and violent as the first Dead Space was. Nothing was left out or toned down, if you’re looking for a visceral, mature-rated experience you’ll get it with Extraction.

GN - With the colony being the focal point as opposed to the final location, what new areas do we see? Are there any new weapons or Necromorphs as well?
JH – As far as the weapons and enemies go, Wright mentioned that there are certainly new ones. We do have a new arsenal of weapons as well that take advantage of the Wii controls. At the end of Dead Space we did see the colony, we had the shuttle landing area and the Marker section, we do see that in Extraction but we see a lot more of the colony. We see where people hung out, where their day-to-day lives took place, we see the base headquarters, where people would go to see a movie, slice of life aspects. We also see behind the scenes areas of the colony, how things worked, the infrastructure. Not to give too much away, but we will see locations from Dead Space 1, the Ishimura and in addition, places on the Ishimura that haven’t been seen before.

Q – How much freedom were you given to tell your part of the story?
JC – All the freedom in the world. We’re working with an original IP that has a story bible dating back 200 years, so it was actually a challenge figuring out where to place the story. We teased the Necromorph invasion of the colony in Dead Space 1 so we decided to focus on that. This lets people who never played the original start at the beginning of the story, while fans of Dead Space 1 get to see events in detail that were only referred to in the first game.

Q – What horror movies inspired the game’s setting and direction?
WB – The same films that inspired the first game. But with the guided experience, we drew inspiration from films like Cloverfield too. As a developer I’ve never had complete control over what the player sees before, they could be staring in the wrong direction or fighting a Necromorph when we want to show them something really dramatic or scary, and this let us do that.

Q – Give the Wii’s graphical limitations, how close will the visuals be to the original Dead Space?
JH – Were there concessions made? Sure—we couldn’t bring over all the polygons or shaders that we wanted. That said, the Wii is more powerful than a lot of people give it credit for, and I think gamers will be surprised by how good Extraction looks and how close it is to the original. I don’t think there will be many complaints; our artists did a fantastic job capturing the same vibe and look, there were no sacrifices in terms of art and Extraction looks purely Dead Space.

Q – How will the weapons differ? Will ammo be less scarce?
WB – A lot of the old weapons are back with some cool new ones. As for ammo, we give you a little more in Extraction but we still wanted players to be pressured to conserve ammo, to use their weapons accurately and scour the world for supplies. You still get weapon upgrades but this time you’ll just be picking up schematics instead of going to the store.
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