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posted 3/23/2011 by Tina Amini
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Even in their movement, the Necromorphs are at an advantage. The human players are relatively slow to strafe, especially when aiming. The Necromorphs, on the other hand, are more agile and can easily swing around human players to gain the better angle for attack.

As for the Necromorph side, players can choose from one of four enemies: Puker, Lurker, Pack and Spitter. Although you’re virtually given zero guidance on how to use these Necromorphs, I soon found that the Puker was most adept at getting quick damage before its inevitable death. Basically, the Puker is the most powerful in terms of melee, the Pack is best in swarms of enemies, the Lurker can hide from advantageous angles given its ability to scale walls and the Spitter can attack from a distance. You’ll have to wait a longer spawn time for the more advanced Necromorphs, but this amounts to nothing more than a few extra seconds.

The basic fun of a multiplayer component is there. Part of what makes Dead Space such an alluring game is the variety of enemies, so it’s only appropriate that being able to play as them would make the game that much more enticing. However, Visceral’s construction of maps composed of fairly confined spaces and their placing of heavier obligations on the human side make the playing field seem one-sided with the favor leaning towards the Necromorph team. Although the gameplay is fun, many gameplay decisions seem unfair and frankly unreasonable.

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I was expecting Dead Space 2 to be a great game, but it exceeded my expectations with beautiful, creative environments and a large array of both enemies and weapons with which to kill them. Dead Space 2 is much more than a horror-themed, third-person shooter experience. Playing as Isaac, players will delve into the 25th century and learn about an imagined society corrupted and blinded by unrealistic ideologies and horrific realities.

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