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posted 2/22/2011 by Charles Husemann
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Dear Thomas Bowen,
I’m writing today to talk to you about a game called de Blob 2. There are a few odd things about this particular activity: the first is that you are barely three days old, as your Mom gave birth to you this weekend. This was about a week earlier than planned. This makes you a typical Husemann though as we tend to be early rather than late (well most of us, certain relatives not withstanding), this was a bit of a relief for your mom but it did cause me to have to re-write this opening paragraph.

The second is that you’re not going to be able to read this review for at least six years or so (given that both of your parents are English professors it’s more like five but no pressure from me). With the current state of the video game industry this means that you’ll probably be playing de Blob 4 on your Xbox 720 (or whatever Microsoft decides to call their next generation system) and controlling the game with Kinect 2.5.

de Blob 2 (yes it’s a lower case D...I think it’s a French thing or a marketing thing or both) is the sequel to a Wii exclusive game that came out about two years ago. The game did OK for a Wii game and was widely hailed as one of the few Wii Third Party games that did a good job with the Wii motion controls and sold well at retail. It was also one of the few Wii games that your Uncle Chuck could recommend to friends and still look at himself in the mirror in the morning. The folks at THQ decided that they couldn’t really afford to have another Wii exclusive game so the sequel is coming to the Wii as well as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and DS.

The move to higher definition consoles was a fantastic idea as the colors in the game really pop in high definition. You’re still getting the same stylized cartoons as the first game but the colors are much more vibrant in HD and the game features some very impressive draw depth (this means you can see really, really far in the game). There a couple of parts in each level of the game where you can see the entire map and it looks fantastic.

The game picks up right after the first game as Blob has just defeated Comrade Black and his evil minions at the Inkt corporation. They are trying to rid the world of color and enslave every one into a monochromatic dictatorship. The game never really says why but I’m guessing there is some kind of color-blind Napoleon complex going on inside Comrade Black (ask your mom to explain this). In a bit of a twist Comrade Black has disguised himself as Papa Black, the leader of a new cult who attempts to enslave the world of Prisma through mind control, by taking over their soda factory, and various other mechanisms that Cobra Commander probably passed on. It’s up to you to once again play the role of Blob, an amorphous Ted Turner who wants to re-color the world around him.

Let’s hope your Grandfather Husemann never sees this game because he’d plant the game in the realm of “hippy brainwashing crap”. To be honest he would have something of a point as the game’s overtones aren’t exactly veiled. It’s not too overt but you can tell the game has a bit of a message buried under all the happy day glow colors. There are points in the game where you can almost taste the sixties (and smell the weed, which you shouldn’t do because drugs are bad).
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