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posted 1/23/2006 by Tyler Sager
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In addition to several single mission scenarios and quick battles, a long campaign is included in Dangerous Waters, starting off with a rebellion in part of the Russian Navy and quickly escalating to encompass many of the world powers.  Given the number of different choices to be made in each of the campaign scenarios, and the various platforms and strategies to try, there’s a great deal of depth and replay here.  There’s also a very dedicated fanbase out there to go to for tips, tricks, hints for brave newbies, or to challenge to one of the multiplayer modes.  I tend to find that, the more narrow the niche for a particular game, the friendlier the community and the community for Dangerous Waters is no exception.

Dangerous Waters isn’t terribly impressive from a graphics viewpoint.  All the platforms are very well modeled, but the graphics themselves look several years out of date.  Since most of the game actually takes place while viewing static 2D display screens, there just isn’t much to justify lots of bells and whistles.  The audio effects are almost non-existent, although there was nothing terribly disappointing.  The interface is most assuredly not user-friendly.  I struggled a great deal with the various displays, mostly due to a lack of familiarity with the different layouts.  There is also very little in the way of in-game help, not a problem for die-hard simulation fans, but certainly a bother for me.  The game comes with a flimsy little manual, just enough to get everything running, and a 580-page .pdf manual with all the crunchy bits.  I highly, highly recommend printing this monstrosity out or, better yet, ordering the published, spiral-bound manual directly from Strategy First.  If you’re interested in the game, you’ll undoubtedly find the extra cost well worth it. 

While I didn’t enjoy Dangerous Waters, this is a very solid and impressive entry into the naval simulation genre.  I certainly am not going to penalize a good game just because it doesn’t meet my tastes.  While not for everyone, Dangerous Waters will give naval simulation fans countless hours of highly-detailed, well-designed enjoyment.

A highly-detailed, multi-platform naval simulator, perfect for fans of the genre. However, Dangerous Waters is also quite unfriendly toward newbies, so enter at your own risk.

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