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One of the games strongest points is its graphics. In my opinion, these more than make up for the AI issues. While many RTS war games put significantly more emphasis on the game play than the graphics, D-Day really provides a solid visual of the action going on in front of you. The explosions seem very realistic, as do the details of the individual units, especially when viewed up close. The only negative I found in regard to the graphics is that from a wide area view, the individual soldiers extremely similar, which makes it difficult to distinguish them from each other for assigning orders. While this adds to the realism of viewing a battlefield from above, some allowances should be made for the ease of game play. The developers perhaps realized this when they added a numbering system that allows units or groups of units to be numbered for quick selection.

While it does not measure up to the graphics, the sound effects are quite good. Unfortunately, I found the theme music and voiceovers to be little better than average. The effort on the voiceovers seemed to be more strongly placed in the capture of sound, rather than voice acting.

I played most of the campaign missions and found the difficulty to be average. The game is frustrating at first as the player learns exactly how difficult it is to pull of a complex assault with groups of units coming from multiple sides of the target. Again, using the pause key is a strong suggestion until the player becomes familiar with the controls, commands, and the strengths of each unit. I had difficulty finding a multiplayer game on the network that I could connect to at a decent rate, but I believe that had more to do with my slow internet connection than the game itself.

As the game progressed, more distinct types of units and vehicles became available. This made sense at first, as there weren’t any American tankes in France prior to the invasion of Normandy, but once the allied forces had established a solid foothold, most hardware and unit options should have been available to the player.

Finally, I found that playing a history based RTS not as daunting of a task as I expected it to be. I had hoped that I would be overwhelmed by the game, starting a new interest in a genre outside of my normal realm of gaming. I think this game will appear to WWII or history buffs, real-time strategy fans, and anyone with a strong patriotic streak.

Despite some quirky AI issues this isn't that bad of a strategy game. It might be worth a pickup if you're looking for strategy game to kill some time with.

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