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Once battle begins you must pay attention to the strength of your monster, and the hit points of your monster. If the strength of the attacking monster is higher than the defending monsters HP then your monster will lose the duel and your opponent will take your land and all the money that has been spent on it will be added to his total score. Of course there are a number of X factors in battle too. Some monsters have special abilities, like first strike ability so even on the defensive they have the upper hand.

The main goal of each board is to reach a certain amount of possession points over the board. This is gained by collecting lands and raising their levels and collecting tolls from other players. Another way to gain some extra magical points real quick is to buy symbols, but this aspect was a really confusing one so I avoided it altogether since I liked hanging on to my money so I could pay tolls. Once the goal has been reached for the stage you’ve got to hustle back to the castle in order to claim victory. So if you’re within about 200 points or so of winning then make your move for the castle because the bonus for passing the goal will put you over the limit.

For the most part this crazy mish-mash of games comes out and plays pretty good. There are a few gripes I have. First off, the graphics and sound. For the most part it’s pretty disappointing. Graphics are a 2-D sprite affair and they don’t even look that good. Music is pretty bland and forgetful, so it’s hardly worth mentioning. The game is also notoriously difficult at times and that could just be due to bad luck and strategy on my part. But one of the early stages I had to retry four times before winning. This battle was against two people, and they had a bad habit of picking solely on me the entire battle. Not quite the fun time I was expecting. Also I wish NEC had put in a save function that can be used during battle, this game can be quite the time eater with battles lasting as long as a hour at a time.

If you really are bored with all the other games out there these days then be sure to give Culdcept a try. It’s a surprisingly fun and good game that shouldn’t be ignored but of course knowing NEC they didn’t print a lot of copies of this so be sure to check up on Ebay or some mom and pop shop and maybe you’ll luck out and find a copy.

While the graphics and sound aren't much to look at, Culdcept is still a new and interesting game.

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