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posted 12/10/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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Is it possible that we could see further DLC packs that will adapt the game to other holidays throughout the year?
Gabe: We would love to do more, but at the moment, no further dlc is planned.

Tasha: I think that’s a really cool idea…you never know!

Do you envision Costume Quest carrying on as a possible series? If so, do you think that it carries on using the strength of its established characters or on the concept itself (costumes)?
Tasha: I would love to see the world of Costume Quest continued in some way- whether it’s a full-fledged sequel or more DLC packs. We have a lot of ideas for more costumes & environments that would be fun to explore. I feel that the strength of the game comes from both the concept itself (costume transformations) and its overall charm, which is a bit harder to define. But that’s basically the art direction, humor, animation style, attitude, etc…everything that makes the game appealing and genuine. So any sort of expansion would need to include these things.

Could you talk about your next title Stacked a bit? What lessons did you learn on Costume Quest will you be applying to Stacked? 
Gabe: Hey, I’m working on Stacking too, so I can say that it is awesome! These games were being worked on concurrently, so most of the lessons were learned together. The closing process for CQ will be fresh in our heads, so that will benefit Stacking for sure. Oh yeah… I guess there is a little secret thing in Grubbins that we “gleaned” from Stacking… you will have to play it to find out what that is though! Also, Ron Gilbert contributes heavily to all of our games in the category of moral support.

Will Ron Gilbert be contributing to this title or not?
Tasha: Ron is working on his own, separate thing right now…which I can’t really talk about, except to tell you that it’s cool.

Any chance there's a full retail game in the development pipleline?
Gabe: Let’s just say that we would not kick a full retail game out of bed.

What's it like to have two legends of the game development world (Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer) in the same studio?
Gabe: It’s great! When one of the legends is sick, we now have a substitute legend.

All of us here at Gaming Nexus would like to thank both Gabe and Tasha for taking the time to answer our questions, as well as Raha Bouda at THQ for setting everything the interview up for us.

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