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posted 2/12/2004 by John Yan
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The range on the mouse is also quite exceptional. In fact, the range of the setup is so impressive that I was shocked by how far I was able to walk away from the receiver and still have the keyboard and mouse to work. I was able to type and work the mouse at distances of about 30 feet from the receiver, which is around three times more than the Cordless MX Duo. Because of the increased range, this set would be ideal to use for conferences and meetings. After using so many cordless input devices from Logitech and Microsoft, I was really blown away by how well and how far it worked from long distances. And the setup will work great for HTPC owners with the great range and multimedia buttons.

Setting up the mouse and keyboard took a few more steps and you follow very simple instructions to do so. Connecting the mouse consisted of synching it with the cradle and clicking on a picture of broken chain link. Moving on to enabling the keyboard, you press the connect buttons and then type in a few codes that appear on screen. Afterwards the program secures the keyboard and you’re all set to go.

An area called My Bluetooth Place is created on the computer where you can organize and your Bluetooth devices. You can get statuses of the various devices connected, configure them, establish pairing, and search for other devices to connect. A mobile phone suite is also installed allowing you to interact and synch with any Bluetooth capable phone.

I had our resident Editor-in-Chief, Charles Husemann, bring over his iPaq with Bluetooth capability and tested the Bluetooth connectivity. The hub detected the iPaq without any problems and we easily paired the two up for file transfer. Charles and I were able to see each other’s folders. The program did crash my computer but I attribute that to all the crap on my test computer than Logitech’s software.

For games, the setup worked just liked the Cordless MX Duo meaning that you’ll get flawless performance in even the fastest first person shooters. For minute movements in real time strategy games, the mouse also does a great job. Going through my collection, I didn’t have any problems. It’s a great gaming setup if you want to get away from wires and desire wired performance. If you do have some disconnecting problems, there is an update on Logitech’s site that corrects the problem.

The Bluetooth set does run more expensive than the Cordless MX Duo but the increased range and Bluetooth ability does help warrant the higher cost. Gamers probably won’t appreciate the features as much but HTPC owners will love the extended range. Businesses looking to incorporate a cordless setup to drive presentations will also appreciate the 30 foot range. I’m glad to see a wider adoption in Bluetooth and Logitech’s keyboard combo is a great peripheral using the technology. Owners of the Cordless MX Duo probably won’t find it cost conscience to spend on the Bluetooth edition but those searching for a great range setup with plenty of options should give the Cordless Desktop MX for Bluetooth a look at.

The set's a little expensive but the range is great and the mouse is great for games.

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