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posted 12/5/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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When I received my iPod a few weeks ago I noticed couple of things right off the bat; 1)The device is sleek and sexy and 2)The thing is heavily susceptible to scratches. Immediately I set my sights on finding a proper solution that would protect my valuable device while properly showcasing its sleek and innovative design. I tried out a number of different units but none of them managed to impress me as much as the Contour Showcase, the subject of today’s review.

It has virtually everything that you could ever ask for in a protective case and then some. Not only does it showcase the beauty of the device but it also allows it to be fully functional and accessible while protecting it. Best of all? It’s easy to use and it feels safe and sturdy too. Forget those lame gel-based solutions, forget about all of the other pretenders out there, the Contour Showcase comes to play and it’s the best case that your money can buy.

Built from a nice mixture of plastic and rubber, the Showcase does an excellent job of protecting and showcasing your pricey investment. Instead of housing the iPod entirely in rubber or plastic the case is built from a plastic mold with some rubber trimming on its outside. This works wonders when it comes from protecting the actual unit itself. The rubber helps to round out the edges and make the device easier to grip while sheltering it from harm.

Putting the iPod into the device is a simple and painless process, thanks largely to the effortless latch that’s built into the side of the unit. The entire case swings out vertically to allow for you to insert and remove the device with ease but it’s the fastener that really impresses me. It’s so simple to secure yet it feels very safe and protective. Never once did I feel like the case could accidentally open while in transport nor did I feel like the case could inadvertently open upon dropping it. In fact I test dropped the unit a few times (sans iPod of course) and the unit stayed secure every single time.

If you own the 30 or 40 GB model you’ll find that you can slide the device in on its own. A small backing pad is included so that the device can be used with the smaller 10 and 20 GB models as well. I was kind of disappointed to see that the designers opted for a foam pad as opposed to a clear solution. This causes the back to be covered, obscuring the metal backing and the prominent Apple logo. Also, those who opted for the laser engraving will be saddened to know that the molding of the case obscures it entirely.
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