Conduit 2 Interview


posted 10/7/2010 by Sean Colleli
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Is post-release DLC possible?
Yes, we are discussing many options at this time but we are not ready to discuss anything solid yet.

The Conduit had a slick special edition bundle with some nice box art and a few extras. Are there plans for a Conduit 2 collector’s editions with cool swag? I’ve heard rumors of Conduit 2-branded Headbanger headsets…
We certainly have something up our sleeve but cannot disclose any of the details yet though, sorry.

It was recently announced that Conduit 2 has been pushed back. Are there any specific reasons for this, and is it still on track for an early 2011 release?
We want to create the best game possible and after GDC and E3, we received a lot of great feedback. This along with our own internal examination of the product allowed us to push for more time so that we could attain that goal. We think gamers will appreciate the extra polish that the team is able to add to the experience when they get to play the game early next year.

We'd like to thank Keith for taking the time to answer our questions.

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