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posted 11/2/2004 by Charles Husemann
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GamingNexus: The x-ray camera is one of the cooler ideas in the game, what was the inspiration behind it?
Michal Hochmajer: Sorry but that’s a trade secret. If we disclosed that, one of our designers might get killed.

GamingNexus: Can you talk about the other gadgets in the game?
Michal Hochmajer: The underlying principle of the gadgets used in Cold War again proceeds from the fact that our hero is fighting his way through the game mostly by improvising, by preparing various nasty traps for his enemies. The gadgets used are various ‘homemade’ devices in the MacGyver style: traps, smokescreens, special ammunition, etc. It would be a pity to disclose more now. Attentive gamers will definitely enjoy speculating and racking their brains over various screenshots.

GamingNexus: What Russian locations can we expect to see in the game?
Michal Hochmajer: Players will find themselves in the former KGB headquarters at Lubyanka. No less attractive should be a trip to Chernobyl. Gamers will also enjoy sights of the Kremlin Palace, the seat of the President, and they won’t be deprived of a visit to the V. I. Lenin Mausoleum, situated directly in Moscow’s Red Square, either. Simply, all the amazing and truly attractive locations are in the cards.

GamingNexus: Is there a count on how many levels are in the game yet?
Michal Hochmajer: There are 23 levels altogether, with varied gameplay frequently changing in the course of missions.

GamingNexus: About how long will it take the average gamer to get through the game?
Michal Hochmajer: Average duration of the game is around 17 hours, but if gamers want to relish the game to their heart’s content, not wanting to leave a single enemy in doubt as to who's the boss, they may play a lot longer.

I'd like to thank Michal for taking time to answer our questions.

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